PavTube Blu Ray Ripper for Mac/Windows

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by rayward, Aug 31, 2010.

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    This was referenced in another thread discussing forced subtitles. This application appears to be - especially for Mac users - an all-in-one ripper/encoder that can produce Apple TV / iPhone compatible files, including forced subtitles.

    Anyone out there have any experience with this software?
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    I used their DVD ripper when I first got my ATV years ago and while it is very easy to use the quality just isn't as good as Handbrake.

    I also tried the Windows demo of the Blu-ray ripper just the other week and uninstalled it after it crashed during the first encode.

    Give the demo a try for yourself but while it might be easier to use (assuming it works at all for you) Handbrake will give you much more control over the process, and it's free.
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    Cave Man

    My experience was several months ago with four or five different versions. Those versions couldn't open any of the several Blu-ray discs that I tried. It also couldn't handle DTS, but that may be resolved by now. The forced subs is attractive, though. Make MKV provides them, but for some reason Handbrake doesn't read them as far as I can tell. Maybe dynaflash can chime in here.
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    Cave Man

    I've not needed subs since Avatar, which was fixed by someone kindly providing me the SRT for its forced subs. So I just haven't followed up on it. I'm pretty lazy.
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    I did my first version of Avatar with a srt file but after finding that guide I redid it so as to have a version with the correct fonts and coloring.
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    FTR, I wasn't looking for a solution to getting the forced subs in Avatar specifically. Simply looking for experiences with PavTube, as it seemed to be an ideal one-stop rip/encode solution for Mac users.

    However, if the output isn't as good or as controllable as Handbrake, I'll save myself the $50 and put in the extra effort.
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    I have no idea what FTR means:confused: but I gave you my opinion on the software. My comments about subs where directed to Cave Man as he said the forced subs feature looked attractive, sorry for going off topic.

    As I said there is a trial version so why not just give it a try and see for yourself.
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    Cave Man

    For The Record!
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    Doh! that make sense now:D

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