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Paying for the iMac (UK)

Discussion in 'iMac' started by The Peasant, Nov 28, 2012.

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    A quick question as i'm not sure on the process, I'f I buy the iMac on friday 27", do they take the money out of my account this friday, or do they take it out when its ready too ship? I know with pre-order's for other websites they generally take money out as its ready too ship, but don't know with apple, but would like to get my order in and potentionally go for a few BTO options if I have another month too save more....
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    The money is taken when it ships. I have ordered of the apple web site quite a few times.
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    cheers, know anywhere I can find to confirm this, can't find anything on the apple website
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    thats hows its worked in personally experience too so no reason to think otherwise
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    when I bought a UK Mac mini last week, Apple made a 'test'/'blocking' charge to my card at the time of ordering - it lowered my credit ceiling but didn't appear as a debt, at time of order. It's similar to a care-rental "deposit". When the Mini was shipped, that's when the credit card charge was then applied. I got the mini the day after the charge was made.

    My UK iPad mini is similarly shipping on December 10th, I'll actually be debited the blocked amount on that date, the December delivery was highly convenient to spread the credit card repayment until February in my case.
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    Yeah they do check you have the funds in your account. So i think your order may get cancelled if you havent got the money available in your account.
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    I'd rather they take my money immediately, to secure my place in an order queue.
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    thats what im thinking, I have the money to get what I want in the bank, but means having no money for 2 weeks, but I would like to be higher in the queue, so would like to use some of the money to survive then replace at payday before they take it out....as don't want to wait and find myself very low down the queue
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    Credit card, sorted!

    I'm paying by credit card too. It gives me airmiles when I buy stuff.
    Airmiles for big items such as iMac could be well enough for a free flight to somewhere in Europe.
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    I hope they don't do that, if you pay with a debit card.

    I don't have quite enough at the moment in my account but will do by the time they dispatch it assuming it won't be within the next 10 days.
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    Well when I bought my retina MBP earlier this year, it took about 3 weeks before it was dispatched and in that time random amounts of money were disappearing and reappearing in my account. I think it's just their way of checking you have the money I suppose.

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