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Discussion in 'Community' started by ibjoshua, Jul 27, 2004.

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    I have just received an email from PayPal indicating that I am a member of the class action being brought against them. "The lawsuit alleges that PayPal violated the federal Electronic Fund Transfer Act" (redirects)

    Common sense suggests there is no such thing as free money.

    I imagine this affects a large number of MacRumors members. Does anyone have any helpful advice on this one? Should I make a claim?

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    question fear

    its kind of late, and i dont feel like digging into this right now, but isnt it odd that the page redirects you off paypal's site? if paypal were being sued, they'd have a link to info on their site, or they wouldnt mention it at all. they wouldn't tell you hey, come join in. also, the link you gave is down right now.
    smells like a scam to me. be very, very careful.
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    well i did some research and it doesn't appear to be a scam. the people who own that site is an attorney, here is their site i did a search on google and found more info on the lawsuit. basically you were invited to join in taking a part of 9.25 million :). the site says anyone who signed up with paypal is elgible for the lawsuit. i think i will research some more, nothing better than free money.

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    Sun Baked

    If you're lucky you may end up with enough money to buy a First Class Postage stamp, and if you're unlucky you will not even have enough to mail a postcard.
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    from reading the site it looks like each person recieves 50 dollars.

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    By now...

    The more people who sign it, the less money you get ;)

    But maybe the experience will be worth...

    "Oh, did I tell you, I sued a big money transfer company, 25 years ago?"
    "Sh*t, now MS is managing that business" :eek: :eek: :p
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    And the attorney fee is $3.3 million?? :eek:
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    question fear

    i wouldn't be surprised if this turned out like the cd class action suit, where hardly anyone got anything due to the # of people who signed up.
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    It seems PayPal was obligated to send the emails but is not obligated to maintain the website, just redirect to the lawyer's site.

    The fact is there IS a page at, the redirect is not in itself suspect.

    If anyone would like a copy of the email purporting to be from PayPal, drop me a line.

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    question fear

    it makes a lot more sense in the cold light of morning, i didnt even consider the legal obligation paypal might have, and since the redirected site was down last night, i jumped to what seemed like a logical conclusion.
    you are correct, and far more rational than me. :) next time i start seeing scams around every corner i will think first. or just include the caveat that im a nutjob late at night :)
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    Attached is the text of the email for anyone who is interested.
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    I got a check, thank you very much. :) (and I won't ever complain about that!)
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    The site is slow as hell though
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    Yeah, I got a good $13 and change. Not bad, considering if the amount each person was going to receive became small, they'd just donate everything.

    I've been getting quite a few class action law suit letters lately. Greedy lawyers. I'm fed up with some of them. Sure, there's a few good ones (like the ones that fought the RIAA guys), but the ones just trying to bankrupt companies are crap. Some of the claims are just ridiculous.

    As for this class action lawsuit, I'm still thinking about it. I have heard people have had problems and I sorta had a problem, too. There also is the Statutory Damage Fund Claim (get money from a pool of $1 million), but no estimates on how much one may earn from that one. If I go with the short claim, I could make up to $49 ($1 is used for postage and mailing ;) ), but the Statutory Damage Fund Claim doesn't have an estimate. Nor does it make you claim you got screwed by PayPal by what the lawsuit is about.

    Decisions, decisions...

    I filled out both forms for now, I'll have to give it a good thought still if I even want to send my forms in.
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    There is no such thing as free the money has to come from somewhere. Usually the money comes from those of us that work for a living.

    It is the lawyers that make all the money and we pay. This is why reform is desperately needed. :eek:
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    Or the click of death lawsuit brought against the makers of the zip drive. I think in that case, everybody got a coupon to buy more their product. :rolleyes:
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    a stupid clarification question - to file in this class-action, do I need to have been wronged by Paypal in some way (as in, some documented story of how I got screwed?)
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    I just recieved the email today and was a little surprised that I could recieve $50. Usually, class action lawsuits pay very little.
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    I registered for paypal in February. That is the last time I ever procrastinate.

    /looks at student loan applications...
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    I also received and E.Mail about the class action law suit against PayPal. Haven't decided what I will do yet.
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    Duff-Man says...I received the email as well, but I have not read through the entire thing yet to figure out just what is going on....but if I can get $50 I'll sign....oh yeah!
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    question fear

    see, thats brilliant. give everyone zip drives, so they just pay back your legal fees buying zip disks. in the end, you win. consumers who want something for [next to] nothing get screwed.

    ok, so its heartless, yea. but funny.

    (what would it be for paypal? one free chance to see how you can get all the SONY ELECTRONICS you want?)
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    Does this remind anyone of The Jerk?

    "Pay to the order of Mrs. Wilbur Stark, one dollar and nine cents..."


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    Everyone keeps talking like they're getting a $50 check. It's only for those who've been wronged by paypal...and I imagine most of us don't qualify.

    I was charged a money-advance fee by them one time, so I'm going to signe the statuatory damage form. I'll probably get enough money to cover my postage
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    To get the 50, you need to prove you had Paypal allow or mistakenly take money from you or disrupt your cancellation of money sent. Its not a free 50 just for signing up. You have to complete a form that says you have been wronged. The long form is if you feel you are owed more and can prove it.

    The Statutory form is for those that have never had any issues but were placed 'at risk' by Paypal and their policies.

    In most cases, you will qualify for the Statutory form. I am sure at $50 a pop they will verify records to determine if you got wronged in the past.

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