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PB 12 or wait for 970?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by austincpy, Jan 25, 2003.

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    ok, here it goes: i'm considering buying a 12" pb for casual writing, music, and some video editing (typically dv). right now i have a 8600 with a G3 450 in it, and want to know if i should go ahead and buy a 12" pb, and sell it mid year to get a 970 pm, or just buy a 17" pb and wait until they go 970, if apple goes 970. If ya get it, appluase! Thanks for your suggestions!
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    It sounds like you were considering a portable any way. I'd say get the 17" now. It's powerful enough to rival a PM and the screen is big enough to enjoy movies/edit video. And it is technically a portible. Sounds perfect to me.970s aren't supposed to come out until mid-lte 3rd quarter in PM. That would mean that they probably wouldn't come out in AluBooks until MWSF 2004, I'm guessing. Either way it is a long time to wait.
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    thanks cursor, and i think you're right. But, i'm still open to any other ideas, this is a big decision. oh, does anyone know if the hard drives in pb are fast enough to capture and edit dv in FPC?
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    Powerbooks are fine for capturing and editing DV video. I do it all the time.

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    does anyone else have any ideas? thanks
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    i think i'm going to hold out until the put the 970 into the 15" powerbook. I use mostly photoshop on my computer and running photoshop in 10.2.3 on my PM 867 is unbearable. Even if the 970 is a long way off, it gives apple more time to work all the new kinks out of the new AluPowerbooks that we dont know about yet.
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    If you're really in the market for a portable (the 12" and 17" are the two worth considering), don't wait for the 970. Apple will most likely phase it in, starting with the Powermacs and the Xserve.

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