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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by gdl96, Jul 10, 2004.

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    I just got my new PB 15" the other day (it's awsome), but I've had a problem with the battery. It doesn't charge AT ALL. If I press the button on the battery, onlu one light lights up. It's been plugged in since I got it, and it's spent plenty of time sleeping or off. I figure it's just a bad battery, and I plan to call apple tomorrow. Any advice? Thanks.
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    call apple or go to an apple store (might get a faster result that way)
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    you might have to completely discharge it (use the computer until the battery dies, then try charging it. maybe that will work.
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    Check Apple's website on how to reset the PMU for your particular model. That may help; if not, go ahead and have Apple replace it.
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    Could I just take the battery to the apple store, or do I have to take the whole PB? What else would I have to bring? The Applecare Service I ordered didn't arrive yet.
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    Take the whole computer with you and the adapter, if you want them to troubleshoot in the store. It may not be a problem with the battery, but could be the battery transfers board inside the PB or another component.

    You don't need to wait for your AppleCare to arrive before calling Apple for service, you're covered by 90 day phone support from the date of purchase. If the problem seems serious enough to you, since it's brand new, it might be worth calling Apple and having them declare the PB "dead on arrival" they'll replace the PB with a new one. Once you get this PB repaired you're no longer eligible to have it replaced.

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