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PB G4 keeps kicking into "standby" when I'm using it

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by novowel, Jul 18, 2003.

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    any idea why it would do this? I will be using it, and it will randomly go in to "standby" (when you close the screen). i press enter, and it comes back to life. why would it do this?

    it's a 15" g4 667 tibook
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    Re: PB G4 keeps kicking into "standby" when I'm using it

    Did you check your energy saver settings? Remember there are setting for running on battery and for wall power. Also, it it actually going to sleep, or is it just the screen that's powering off? If the strobing white indicator under "PowerBook G4" at the bottom center of your screen frame isn't on, it's just your screen that's powering down. Again, check your energy saver setting if you want to change this behavior.

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    Re: PB G4 keeps kicking into "standby" when I'm using it

    I may be misunderstanding, but if you are closing the laptop shut, its default behavior is for it to go to sleep. When you open the screen again, it should come back up. If you are using an external keyboard to wake it up while it is shut, I'd recommend keeping it open. The heat that builds up while it is shut (and on) could damage the LCD and other components.

    Or am I not understanding the situation?
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    Thanks in advance guys.

    I don't see any settings in the energy menu that would turn the comptuer off.

    The LED IS strobing, but when I click the mouse button, or type, it jumps back to life. The thing is, it will do it randomly :/, I can be typing, and it'll jump into standby.
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    Re: Re: PB G4 keeps kicking into "standby" when I'm using it

    Maybe I described the problem incorrectly, I am not shutting the screen. It will just go into standby at random times.
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    Hot Corners?

    Possibly Hot Cormers activation in the the "activation" panel of the screen effects control panel? Is it possible that you have the pointer moved out of the way (slose to a corner) and when you tap the trackpad (intentionally, or otherwise) that the cursor hits the corner for a second? Check if there is a checkmark in one of the corners of the activation menu.

    Just a thought.
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    Nope, not hot corners. I do have it set for a corner though. It should go to screensaver, not standby. It still wouldn't explain, why when I am typing (and the mouse isn't moving) taht it would go to standby.

    Would the computer being too hot do that? (not sure why it would run hot?)
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    Hmm . . . Not sure then.

    Not sure then. Mine can get plenty hot and I've not had a "standby" situation. I've even walked out of the room after setting it in/on blankets on the bed (thinking I'd be right back) and come back to some REALLY HOT blankets without a "standby" like you're describing. Sorry, couldn't help.
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    I wonder if any thing is broken...I just bought this. I don't think anything would be broken...the case is perfect, not sure how else internals would be damaged.
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    Re: Re: Re: PB G4 keeps kicking into "standby" when I'm using it

    I thought, perhaps, your inactivity timer had gotton set very low, so when you were reading a doc or something it was timing out. Oh well.

    It's possible your perference file for energy saver has gotten corrupted. You could try setting your inactivity timer setting to "never" and see if it changes the behavior you are seeing.

    The only other thing I can think out is that the lid switch on your machine is giving false status to the OS, so it *thinks* the lid has been closed when it hasn't.
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: PB G4 keeps kicking into "standby" when I'm using it

    I changed the settings to "never". We will see what happens. The lid switch...hmm, I'm not moving the laptop or anything, so I don't see why it would send a false..anyway to check that?

    About the inactivity...it doesn't makse sense, because when I type, it does that too.
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: PB G4 keeps kicking into "standby" when I'm using it

    even with the settings on "never", it still went to standby :/
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    If new, have Apple check it out . . .

    If under warranty then call APPLE CARE or (better) take it to an Apple Store. They are pretty quick to answer any issues. They even replaced my TiPB case when the paint was bubbling off. The new case has been PERFECT so you probably won't even have the issue if your TiPB is a newer model.
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    nope, i bought it used. not udner warrenty :/
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: PB G4 keeps kicking into "standby" when I'm using it

    You know, of course, that your PB goes to sleep when you close the lid. That means there's got to be a switch that gets activated when you close it. I'm saying that *maybe* the switch is defective and is giving the OS a "closed" status when it is not.

    Just a thought.
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: PB G4 keeps kicking into "standby" when I'm using it

    Actually you're dead on-- It's either a defective sensor like this, or a defective heat sensor, or perhaps your machine is actually overheating... Once the internal temperature reaches a certain point, your computer will sleep automatically to prevent damage. If it really is overheating, there's probably some other internal problem causing this (dead fan has been known to do it)... Or, you could be blocking the vents...

    I'd look into heat as the biggest possibility, with faulty closure sensor being #2. Chances are very good it's one of these two things...

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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: PB G4 keeps kicking into "standby" when I'm using it

    i don't know if heat is the problem, or it is the sensor. how would i look in to heat? i searched for a temperature monitor, and it cant find any to work on my pb. i took the keyboard up, the fan that blows air out seems to be working fine. there is no dust buildup, or anything i can see. maybe i am missing vents/fans?

    any way to test for the sensor, or, do i need to bring this in? :(

    edit: might be heat...shuts off more frequently when its been on a bit
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    Try putting it on a laptop stand thing. I got a little one that lifts the computer off the desk by a half inch or so.
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    I am experiencing the same thing. I called apple support and they ran through a whole barrage of test. Didn't do a lick of help. TOmorrow I'm bringing my baby down to the APple store at Soho. I gotta wake up at 5 so I can drop her off at 6 and then haul ass to my office by 7.

    The freakiest thing with my problem is that earlier today, the screen flcikered on and off black as if some connectin was loose inside. Motherloving sunava.....

    I'll let you all know what happens.
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    Dang, even I have this problem. Now I've watched 2 hour movies (on battery), and not once did it suddenly go into "sleep" mode. Just yesterday, right in the middle of reading a post on MR, it went to "sleep".
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    We are all effed.

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