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PB, how long will battery last in sleep mode?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by skp574, Mar 5, 2005.

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    How long can I expect my 15" PB to stay asleep?

    I never shut down my PowerBook, I always put it to sleep by shutting the lid.

    It can be a couple of days between uses. I was wondering how long I can expect it to stay in sleep mode before running the battery down. I don't really want to lose the state. I may use it at work, bring it home and leave it in the bag and forget to charge it.

    If the battery level gets too low, when in sleep, will it safely shut down? I do make a habit of saving all files before sleeping.
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    My 12" looses ~5% in sleep mode overnight. So quite a while I'd guess. At least a week.
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    Woah! Thats awesome!

    Thats another reason for me to buy a 12" PB...

    Can't charge/turn it off? Put it in sleep and loose almost no battery!!
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    I've had mine sleep for over 10 days and I still had about a 40% charge left on my rev c. 12" PB. I've never really drained the battery but sleep mode saves alot of battery power, as only the RAM modules and the chipset receives the power it needs to stay "alive".
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    That's why the emergency power-down mode goes into sleep... because with "0%" battery left you still can last a while in sleep mode!

    My friend's PC looses about 5% battery per hour in sleep mode, or death in about a day. :D
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    15" is about the same as the 12", because its asleep. Everything is turned off but the sensors for telling if the PB is opened or a key has been hit. So they have the same life spaned in sleep mode.
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    The trackpad and mouse button don't wake the PB up. Only hitting the keys or unlatching will get the PB to wake. Waking up is ultra fast though, previous PB running the older OS sometimes would take 30 to 60 seconds to wake up.
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    That is so halrious, pcs are so terrible, they cant even go to sleep right, sleep=conserve energy, not use it. I just cant understand why people still use them when there are macs available. Im sorry but i just cant think of anything to top this.
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    I can.... an older laptop-toting friend of mine doesn't use sleep because it uses almost the same amount of power as running mode does.

    My PowerBook's uptime (mostly in sleep): 4 days
    His Windows's thing's uptime: Whenever he last turned it on
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    An iBook would last even longer...
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    Anywhere from a few days to over a week. That depends on a couple of things. How much RAM does your system have? And do you have it set to wake from a bluetooth keyboard or mouse (if you have a bluetooth module of course). Turning off the wake from bluetooth device will increase sleep time. And then that just leave sthe variance based on the amount of RAM. And which 15" Powerbook you have. Different models seem to drain the battery at different speeds during sleep.
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    My 2 year old 1ghz tibook gets about 11 1/2 days when in sleep. This is with the original battery, although I do have 2(batteries).
    How cool is it to be able to swap batteries by putting the machine to sleep. This has been a huge lifesaver for me.
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    Artful Dodger

    My 14" iBook was sleeping for 3 days before I needed to use it and it had enough to finish the task (some mild flash and a few downloads) :p can't do that on a pc...
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    I have a Rev D with 1.5GB RAM. I have the BT turned off at the moment as I don't use it. Wifi is on though.
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    I burn about 10%/day on my TiBook.

    Now, for the thread drift:

    I just love pulling out my TiBook in the airport, opening the lid, and starting to work in about 5-10 seconds. About once a month, some windows user will just stare in awe, and ask me if it really booted up that fast.
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    WiFi has no effect on sleep life really as it's not monitoring anything. (Like bluetooth does when it's set to wakt the ocmputer via a bluetooth device.)
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    Just don't try that on a 12" PowerBook. Only the 15" and 17" have the feature. The 12" doesn't. And yes, I found that one out the hard way... but I saved my stuff first. :D

    It just isn't a good thing to pull the battery out, check to see if the light is still on, and see..... nada. :eek:

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