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PB RAM, is this compatible???

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Acmeflip, Sep 29, 2004.

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    Hi, I've already bought one wrong piece of RAM, and now I wnat to make sure I don't screw up again :eek:) will this one work on my PB 17" 1,5 mhz?: Corsair Value, 1024 MB DDR2700, SODIMM 200 pins, Value Select ???

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    damn thats a slow powerbook,,
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    thanks for pointing out my typo! whay to help out! to correct myself, it's a PB 1,5 GHz PowerPC G4, with 512 mb(currently).
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    little bit up tight this morning are you???

    fine..... it sound like the right one but if you give me the link i can tell you for sure

    why do you want supervalue ram???
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    Didn't want to snap, but when you're new to MAC(don't have that much experience with it yet), and write a typo, which anyone can see is a typo, i don't think it's appropriate to answer like that. If you asked a question like that on a PC forum, and I answered, I'd tell you what you needed to know, and then make a joke :D not the other way around. But no hard feelings.

    And in regards to the value ram, that's just 'cause it's advertised like that. http://corsairmicro.com/corsair/valueselect.html

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    Yeah it will work in your Powerbook, but Corsair doesn't support macs if something goes wrong. (It also has to be 2,5 V, nonparity, and non ECC)
    Corsair has lifetime waranty i think, but it gets faulty don't tell them you have a mac...
    Have you tried ramseeker.com ?
    Crucial has good memory and supports macs (some say they are a bit pricey, but they are atleast much cheaper than apple.) I have Crucial in my powerbook, couldn't be happier.

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