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PB12 or ibook 12

Discussion in 'Buying Tips, Advice and Discussion (archive)' started by whw5, Feb 28, 2004.

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    I am in the market for a new mac and I know I will either be getting a powerbook 12 or an ibook. Is the extra money it would cost to get the powerbook's speed, looks, and RAM options worth it? Does the powerbook 12 offer anything else important that the ibook doesn't have?
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    well it all depends what you are goin to be using it for
    the PB can have superdrive to brun DVDs.....
    but if you dont need the burning capabilities or dont need the extra speed than save your money
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    My parents have a 20 inch imac with a dvd burner so all I really need is a combo drive
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    If you go to a reseller, the iBooks tend to have stained trackpads, whilst the PB's do not. For me, I wanted a 12" laptop and couldn't look past the Powerbook. The iBook looks too like a toy to me.
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    If you don't need the superdrive --> get the iBook.
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    Capt Underpants

    Right now, the iBooks are the best bang for your buck when looking 12" PB versus 12" iBook. I would definately go iBook, especially since you don't need DVD burning.
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    I agree that the Powerbooks have a better finish, but is that enough to justify the $400 difference? Maybe for some, but probably not for someone who's just starting school. Functionally, the iBook is identical, except that it's 20% slower. The Powerbooks have the advantage of being able to use an external monitor for extra desktop space, but iBooks are also able to do that using a software hack.

    If you're style-obsessed and have money to burn, go with the powerbook. Otherwise, go with the iBook.
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    you can hook up iBooks to external monitors you just need to get the cable, which albeit is costly, however PowerBooks aren't the only Mac'tops that can use an external display. I personally think that you should spring for an iBook, they are tougher and will serve you well, I love my PB but I beat it to all hell JUST carrying it around with me. Check out the old G3 900's (if you want to save some cash), or the ibook g4's. While OS X is a RAM Gusher, with about 512 you should be ok. I say Spring for the iBook g4, or the older model G3, and put the money you save into buying a 2nd gen Powerbook g5 when every they decide to show up.

    EDIT: one thing of note, external storage may become a necessity when you get these ibooks/ small PB's try thinking about how much storage you will need.
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    You can get up to 60GB hard drives in the iBook, which I think is more than adequate unless you'll be working with serious video-editing.

    PowerBooks are really nice but the iBooks are great value. Seems like either will suit your needs very well. You could save the money and spend the differenc on something else (or save it!). PowerBooks are more scratch-resistant though (and mine looks as good as new, depsite going to the moon and back).
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    The line in on the powerbooks, and not the ibooks is an important factor that should not be overlooked. If you intend to use garage band at all, go for the pb.
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    Save $$$$ Go with the iBook

    The difference between the PB and iBook is marginal, but the price isn't. Save money and go with the iBook, unless you want to wait a few more weeks until we get some more solid news on updated Power Books.

    Here's a comparison that might help....

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    I am also going to be doing fairly heavy video editing with Final Cut Express , is the extra power in the PB deeply needed for running this software. As I have said before, my parents have a 20inch imac with a super drive so dvd burning is not a problem.
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    If you want to do work on an external monitor go with the PB it handles this much better b/c it can mirror (like the iBook) or have a dual monitor set up (one external one on the PB) or you can close the PB and work only off the external setup. if this is no matter to you, then get the iBook and as much ram as you can cram in! espeically for running final cut
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    That answered the questions I was going to ask. Also, which powerbook 12" or 15". What are the advantages/disadvantages.
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    A lot of people would say 15" 1.25GHz - extra screen space for Final Cut and a little more power, etc. However, the 12" is also perfectly adequate for this, especially if you add an extra screen (which you can easily do with money saved from holding off on the 15" PB).
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    How are the apple displays. Especially the 17 inch.
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    I don't use one so I can't comment on that front, but I think they are well respected. They have good colour and viewing angle (all 170o) but are a little on the expensive side. Not to mention you have to buy the expensive DVI to ADC adaptor to use with a PowerBook ($99 I think!). People seem to like the 20" because it is the newest and is not half as expensive as the 23" high end (probably overkill).

    The 17" has a lot of pixels and a great resolution but people are expecting it to go widescreen soon. Currently it has more pixels than the 17" iMac/PowerBook though. And aluminium displays are rumoured but, then, they may never come. Displays are very infrequently updated but the fact that the G5 and PBs are both alumium, it would make sense. Expect smaller rims around the screens too in the next update, as technology has improved since the current line-up were introduced.
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    Hey whw5

    If you want SuperDrive you can get it for an iBook look here


    $1294 for iBook w/ 384Ram, SuperDrive, and 40gb HD.

    And when you want to UpGrade it try these guys


    1gb Ram chip and 60gb 7200 HD

    One of the students I work with got this plus the Ram/HD UpGrade last month I believe... I kind of thought he was NUTS... But he did alot of OverTime and got himself the toys.

    Have a Great One!!!

    Brad Gotori

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