PC GeForce 3 in a Mac

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    One person has posted instructions on how to flash a PC GeForce 3 for use in a AGP Mac.

    Synopsis: I bought a PC Geforce3 card and tried to put it in my Mac. After a quick hack, it works quite well, in my opinion. Read on.

    Discussion and info also in a related messageboard thread.
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    GeForce 2/3 drivers

    So, when is Nvida/Apple going to release official drivers for their cards? No one would lose on it!
    I'm still waiting....
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    Drivers come partially on the BIOS of the Mac bundled nVIDIA boards and partially as part of the OS. Currently OS X only has GeForce 2MX drivers, which drive the GeForce 3 fine, but take no advantage of its special features. Apparently GeForce 3-specific OS X drivers will come as part of OS X v10.1 upgrade.

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    Have you seen the new tests of the Radeon 2? They barely beat a GeForce 2....
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