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PC Mag Review: 80GB iPod Upgrade--Generation 5.5??

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 3, 2007.

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    Category: Apple Hardware
    Link: PC Mag Review: 80GB iPod Upgrade--Generation 5.5??
    Description:: This new model comes in 30GB and an ultra-roomy 80GB capacity. With the exception of the brighter screen, all the enhancements are in the firmware, including gapless playback, a new search feature, and support for better games. Read more about this new revision's features and check out the full review on PCMag.com.

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    This review is from September 2006... did they just get a hold of it or is this a mistake ?
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    wow this is old Ask mudbug if u really want 2 no y its heer.
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    Hmmn, just WAITING for the grammar/spelling mavens to get hold of THIS one!
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    I tried my best to stay away... not going to bother, just lurking for an answer to my original question :p
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    hi all - I apparently had a brain fart. We'll chalk this up to heavy workload and clicking the wrong button for approval instead of rejection.

    Carry on - nothing to see here. (goes to remove link off frontpage of macbytes).

    and Cassie:
    really, put down the tequila & Fun Dip and start typing with two hands - it'll help all of us out.

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