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PC Magazine rates the G5 as the best of the best in personal...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 18, 2003.

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    lol, I don't think the new G5's are much higher/or higher at all on innovation and technology.
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    wow this is great news for apple. I wish they went more in depth.
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    I think it's quite a leap forward in product engineering and specification. That cooling system alone is way ahead of most things those windoze overclockers have been doing. Plus the amount of thought that went into designing the interior makes for a very elegant solution, most PC's are a rats nest of wiring.
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    Ah, no way, you should check out http://www.overclockers.com :D

    How many people do you know that own a Mac actually pop open the case? lol :p
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    more good news for apple. as the poster mentioned with the super computer, the music store/ipod, the g5, plus this new 20"imac will be just straight out showing off.

    is it just me or are apple going from strength to strength? Recent mistakes? 10.2.8? Slow pc development of itunes? nothing really major that I can think of.
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    Well I plan to, once I get my Power Mac (got SuperDrive and memory to install!), but I know exactly what you mean :)
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    Has anyone seen Dec issue of MacAddict? It shows what happens when you add 3GB of ram to your G5 dual 2GHz machine. It was avg a 45% speed increase across the board but in alot single benchmarks it ran over 80-100% faster then over your avg G5 with 512 megs of ram.

    It's always nice to see a Mac get top honors in a PC Mag hehe.

    I'm now looking for a new LCD line to now appear before the end of the yr.
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    Most folks I know with G5's open them up quite abit and it's usually to had PCI card or ram. G5's love that ram. Just don't buy it from Apple it's not worth it when you can get the same ram from other shops cheaper.
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    I was reading that article this morning. The only thing I want to know (as the article aluded to) is why is iTunes ripping so much slower on the monster? They are guessing it is because of the sony super-drive...
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    if i had one i would open it when i was bored just to see the beauty and those cool lights :p
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    It's possible that it has something to do with AltiVec being less capable with the PPC970.

    It's always nice to see positive articles, but PC Magazine has a history of playing nice with advertisers.
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    CD-Rom speed

    As I understood it, it was the cd-rom mechanism that was causing it to rip slow. I read somewhere, that if you make a disk image of your cd-rom and then rip from the image there is a night and day difference.

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