PC Market Accelerates (IDC Press Release)

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by groovebuster, Apr 16, 2004.

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    Link to article

    So let's recap... market grew 16.4%, Apples computer sales only 5%. Apple is not in the Top 5 of computer vendors anymore.

    AND... Apple's market share is down to 1.8%!

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    I wonder if Apple will ever get their act together and start shipping millions of computers each year. Even if they continue to release great products and manage to market them effectively they would still have to have a supply chain capable of rapidly ramping up to that kind of volume. They had a lot of problems dealing with rapid growth twenty years ago. I hope they have a better plan for managing growth in place today. I suspect that they do not based upon recent shortages of various products. Ideally a shortage of one part should not shut down the entire operation. There are ways of managing such shortages even before they happen.
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    Of course, numbers are only numbers. We can make numbers tell different stories with minor tweakings. BUT! I don't like the rate at which Apple's marketshare numbers have been going down these past 5 years. It seems to me that 5 years ago we were talking 5%, around 3% last year, and now under 2%. Of course, Apple computers have a longer lifespan but not any longer than it was 5 years ago. Regardless of the precision/veracity of these numbers, I'd like to see them go up.
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    Now there's one place Apple could definitely stand to learn something from Dell. ;) :D
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    Apple does ship millions of computers each year. On average, every quarter they ship 800,000 units - that's over 3 million year. I would love to see a stronger marketing push, however. still, until they release a dirt cheap headless iMac, Dell et al will continue to savage the market with their bargain basement prices.
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    Oops. Sorry, I should have said each quarter - not each year. How about shipping millions of units per quarter? If only Apple did a quarter as well as Dell does per quarter... :( That would still be two and a half times as much as they sell now. An impressive but not impossible growth target.
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    Ok, that would be cool too! I think by using some of that $4.5 billion they have in the bank for marketing they could manage better numbers...hmmm, I wonder of that :rolleyes:
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    I have been wondering the same thing. After the current round of hardware updates is complete a large scale ad campaign might be worth trying again. I think the timing may be right for a big marketing push. Apple should market to the middle income masses. I remember some Apple infomercials a few years ago that I thought were really good. However they were more focused on building awareness rather than immediate sales. Part of the problem is that the advertisement has to be large scale and sustained before the perception of Macs among average consumers can begin to change. That means large expenses for a while before sales can hope to boom.

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