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PC v. Mac

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Aug 1, 2006.

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    Category: Apple Hardware
    Link: PC v. Mac
    Description:: Need I say more.

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    some fair points. Macs are PC's at the end of the day... Just better than Windows :rolleyes:
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    More clueless journalism....

    It always pains me to see someone who is a 'professional' in their field, but manages to do a worse job than any random grade 6 student you might choose.

    I guess that's what one would predict as a consequence of decades of degradation of the American educational system.

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    They are absolutely right. Finally, someone has the right idea! Security vulnerability is NOT a PC flaw!

    It's a Windows flaw. ;)
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    What a terrible article. I feel for the people of Greenville if that's how all their news is presented.
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    I like how the author tried to claim that the PC's file system is just as easy to use as the Mac's. :D

    Last time I opened my PC's My Computer icon, there were about thirty thousand folders to root through to find one specific file. It's madness I tell you!
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    yes, the PC is a bigger target, a much bigger target

    it does not matter how stable or unstable XP is, it's the visible operating system dominating the world right now
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    I find this statement remarkable:

    Given that most people who properly do their research find that PC systems from major manufacturers will cost on a par with a similar Mac system. So I guess that means you get the cool factor for free!

    Oh, yeah, and then there's

    This statement implies some pretty incorrect things. First, saying "Previously, Macs had the "plug and play" thing down." implies that they no longer do. Wrong. Then, the overall implication of the paragraph is that Macs and PCs are on a par with their implementation of Plug-n-Play. This, too, is wrong. In my experience, it is very common that I can plug something into my Mac and have it immediately work, whereas I can plug the same thing into my PC (WinXP Pro) and it will "search for drivers", fail to find them, tell me to look on the internet or contact the manufacturer. It's still plug-n-pray, to me, on the Windows side.
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    Correction: visibility/target size matters... AND stability, quality, and design matter also :)

    When it comes to security, Macs have TWO advantages. It's not either/or, both are true, and we may glad of them.
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    in my neck of the woods, silicon vallley and surrounding areas, there are guys and gals who can get by anything so it's not a factor among those who know thier shyza
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    If the 'logic' referred to by the person who wrote the article was correct, we'd have approx. 4% (conservatively based on reported marketshare) of the number of viruses that Windows has...various estimates range from 50,000 to 100,000.

    So by that token we'd have maybe 2000-4000 or so?

    Instead, we have 0.

    Security through obscurity is complete FUD.
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    nuff said.;)
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    as great as apple inc and their products are, we have not (outside of the iPod), ever gone on the radar of high tech...we fly, thankfully, way, way below
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    Bill Gates can read and write code, Steve Jobs can't
    Bill Gates designed a system for geeks because he is one
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    The first successful virus for OSX represents such a kudos-worthy prize of such prestige in the world of 'high tech' that it's remarkable that we haven't seen one yet.

    I would bet my last penny that many have tried. And failed.
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    I STILL cant get my head round how to access a CD on a PC. You put the disk in, then have to go searching for it? :confused: And whats that Start button all about? The first thing you see when you click 'start' is shut down? Quite handy for us mac users i guess :rolleyes:
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    Whenever the "security thru obscurity" bit comes up I think of something that I read a while ago that said that even though MS is a minority in the web server market they still suffer the majority of attacks. Can anyone who knows more about the server confirm/deny this?

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    Not with facts, but it's true. The first one to crack the Unix based operating systems and get a virus out there is going to be huge.
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    Meh. Or use both. I have my MBP and I have my aging desktop that will be replaced with a core 2 duo with SLI goodness sometime next year. Its all the same melting pot for me at this point and XP has gotten to a point that its pretty dang stable and secure (as long as you follow the holy 4....Firewall, AV, patches, Firefox(with extensions.))

    I like Windows. . . I like OS X. Neither blows me away.

    PS- As a Dell warrantee person I just visited someone today who just migrated from an old first gen iMac to a Dell Dimension. Poor guy. I think his motherboard blew. It definitely wasn't the video card Dell had me replace. Oh I did my job and did the troubleshooting "thing" but the guy obviously had no buisness being near a PC. What with not knowing that no it really doesn't matter which USB port you plug in yur mouse and keyboard. As always I plant the seed mentioning that I purchased my first Mac a few months ago that runs Windows and OS X. . . questions ensued. Can't decide if my company would fire me if they found out. Not like I really care since I want the heck out of this crap factory of a job. But I digress.
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    No offense or anything, but are you trying to prove a point?
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    Personally I like the Systems' Properties thing in Windows :D
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    How often does your mac crash

    I was forced to use a Sony Vaio running XP recently at a company i was visiting and God knows why, but it puked about 5 minutes after booting up. What was surprising, was the reaction of the half dozen or so other Windows users at the same desk. It was like, "Oh, blue screen of death, eh?" as if this is a normal occurrance for them. Obviously something was wrong, though i was not doing anything weird on it - just email, web and SAP gui.

    Whereas, on my Macs (and i have a few) running OSX 10.3 and 10.4, touch wood, I have had one kernel panic on one machine in the last 5 years. My G4 (sawtooth) has been on 24/7 for the last 6 years without a glitch. Hell, I even forgot to restart for about 4 months straight, still no worries.

    XP has supposedly improved from the days for Win 95/98/ME, but for simplicity of use and reliability, forget about it.
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    This article was a complete waist of time to read. It started out alright and than it got worse from there.
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    About twice a month. Last crash, more accurately freeze, was with a WYSISWYG web editor that took down the system. The previous crash was when I plugged in my USB HUB and then plugged in my 24" monitor then rotated the screen 90* to port mode. I must have done all of this too fast because X choked HARD. OS X is not crash proof by a long shot.

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