PCI Video card for G5 XServe?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by zkmusa, May 5, 2004.

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    Does anyone here know what kind of PCI video card I can stick into a new Dual G5 XServe? We forgot to purchase one with the machine. Is it okay to buy a regular PC PCI ATI Radeon video card for the machine?

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    right now all you could really buy new and put in there is a radeon 7000 mac edition with 32mb ddr. ati is supposed to be shipping a radeon 9200 pci card for mac with 128mb but who knows when that will be.
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    Dang it.. I was afraid of that... the regular PC versions of the ATI Radeon 7000 cost $45, while the Mac version is around $120.... :(

    Thanks though for your reply!
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    Originally, the BTO XServe G4s had a Radeon 8500 option for the PCI video card. If you can find one of those, then you're in luck.

    The current XServe G5s have some sort of cheap PCI graphics card that's unnamed. Maybe eBay could help?
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    How can you forget, there is always one inside. If you haven't s
    chosen one, you get standard the nvidia 5200. EDIT: sorry, just got out of work, and am tired, didn't see the word Xserve.... Forget my post!
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    Not in the XServe. You don't get a video card unless specifically requested. Maybe you're thinking of the PowerMac line?
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    Have you tried going back to your dealer where you purchased it and explained it to him? He would probably sell you a vid card for it, or could order one!
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    Well, the dealer was the head of Apple's Austin Education branch. He couldn't do anything for us, but also confirmed the video card is a ATI Radeon 7000.

    It's just hard finding these things anywhere... J & R sells them for $120, so I think I'll end up buying it there.
  11. jhu
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    you could try flasing a pc video card to a mac version. you could also run linux instead
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    That Radeon 8500 was not PCI, it was AGP. Apple put a special combo AGP/PCI slot in the G4 Xserves, and the actual card sat on a riser bridge that turned the combo into either pure PCI or pure AGP depending on the type of card.
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    Why would anyone want to spend money on a perfectly good XServe and throw Linux on it? If you were going to run Linux, you'd help yourself save cash by getting cheaper hardware.

    Besides, OS X Server does great, and as a server, does everything Linux can do.

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