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Discussion in 'Mac Help/Tips' started by Ensign Paris, Mar 17, 2002.

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    Ensign Paris

    I have a PC friend here who thinks the mac is nicer but was introduced to it after he got a crappy windows system.

    He really likes MacRumors and was wondering if there is a similar thing for the windows community (although I don't think this will exist due to there being no cult following)

    Also, JefHatField do you use Tek-Tips forums by any chance, my friend thinks he has seen you on it.

    Ensign Paris
  2. arn
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    Staff Member

    As far as I know, there isn't a macrumors equivalent on the PC side..

    However, there are many tech/pc sites that basically cover similar areas I'd guess... Arstechnica and Slashdot come to mind as the most popular...

    ...but there just isn't the same cult/community following as there is with the Mac.... and there isn't the same level of drama/soap-opera-like feel to it all on the PC side...

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    Ensign Paris

    They just don't have the class of us!

    Thats one of the many reasons I would not want to be a PC user!

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    And I can't picture people getting spun up about potential releases from Gateway, Dell, HP.

    "Word on the street is that Dell is going to release a new Pentium 4 machine that is 100MHz faster than the previous unit, and with a new enclosure!!"

    ?? That's almost too bland a notion for me to have typed out that whole line above. It's just a different scene.

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    hahaha! good one. :D
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    Man, even in rumor sites, Mac's beat peecee's... sweeeeet. :D...

    All praise the Mac god arn... lol

    I wonder if he has a Holy Handgrenade of Antiock.....
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    Mac Heads

    There are NO other customers in the world more loyal than us Mac Heads. I mean, with anything you have ever bought, do you talk about it ever day? Do you help people and DISCUSS what might be next? Nope, didnt think so.
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    One exception to that Mac_User.... Harley owners :D...

    We are a loyal customer base as well, which keep up with things being produced and can barely wait to get our new rides. Both Mac's and Harleys are known to hold their value, but how many Mac's can you sell after 10-15 years and get back what you paid for it (unless you financed it). I don't know of another vehicle that you can do that with.
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    Problem is that there aren't many rumors on the PC side. They just let it all hang out! :p

    Two suggested sites:

    More review/benchmark oriented, but still good info. Those two sites helped me a lot when I was first starting out in my PC days (we've all got to start somewhere).
    Funny thing I've noticed about PC news sites is that companies like nVidia, Dell, etc. bring reviewers in to show them future products and then make them sign NDAs. The reviewers then have time to write reviews and test some of the goods. The funny thing is that all the sites release their info at the same time, since the info release is dictated by the company. Hence rumors aren't given much thought/consideration on the PC side of things.

    They're even beige when it comes to rumors/news! :D
    No fun! Glad to be part of a much more interesting community.
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    PC rumor:

    "Our sources have confirmed that Dell will shortly be releasing a revamped version of it's current 'beige-box' model in a different shade of beige. Other sources are also suggesting that the new enclosure will feature slightly different dimensions, possibly 1 cm thinner and 2 cm taller, although this is less certain.

    Michael Dell seems to staying ahead of the rest of the pack in the 'style race.' And with a new shade of beige, and possibly slightly different dimensions to compete with, HP and Gateway sure have some catching up to do..."

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