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Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by plumbingandtech, Jul 10, 2008.

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    Anyone see a PDF ebook reader on the store? I can not seem to find one yet. (although I am sure it will be here soon if its not.)

    I have bought many PDF books (instead of the dead tree versions) and would love to read them on the iPhone.
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    there is a book reader i dont know if it runs off pdfs though. looks like one where you have to buy the books from the online site. I cant remember where it was though on the store
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    Thanks. I saw one for (non PDF) ebooks (like the ones in public domain.)

    Oh well. If it is not there today. It will be within a week I am sure.
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    I found this. Called Readdle.

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    Thank you!

    It's not in the store yet but sounds great!
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    Readdle looks nice, there's also another app called Bookz or something like that. It's in the Productivity section I think.
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    Yep. But it currently only supports Project Guttenburg type books. Lately I have been buying my computer/web/programming books directly from the publishers since it is a lower cost and I get it immediately.
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    Oops! Nevermind then :)

    Did you see FileMagnet? That allows you to copy many common file types to iPhone (including PDF), and you can use the app to view them on the iPhone.

    I doubt it has any real reader-type features (bookmarking, etc.) but might be a little more convenient than emailing documents to yourself.

    I currently have a jailbroken iPod with lighttp webserver installed, so I upload PDF's and other files to my iPod Touch and view them locally within Safari. Again, no reader type features but is nice to have. FileMagnet pretty much duplicates that, with a better interface.
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    Yep. that's my short term plan. To buy that and it will double as a handy portable usb key like thing. (and use it to read my PDFs in a simple fashion for now.)

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