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PDF Max Pro is free today. Hurry up!

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by pdfmax, May 13, 2012.

  1. pdfmax, May 13, 2012
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    PDF Max Pro is free today https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/pdf-max-pro-fill-forms-annotate/id552664144?mt=8. Enjoy & Please help us with 5* ratings. Thank you!

    What's New in Version 2.0:

    • Compatible with iOS 6 & iPhone 5.

    • Superior performance - Meets the speedy & responsive PDF Max!

    • Amazing Realistic Ink plus a better zoom-in writing mode: Writing in PDF Max is a joy now! It’s more convenient & enjoyable to write notes using your finger or a stylus. Your handwriting looks remarkable neat, detailed and crisp even when zoomed. Option to select between Left to Right or Right to Left writing direction.

    • Global Eraser & Lasso Tools for Inks.

    • Sign documents: Use your permanent signature or one-time signature for your customers.

    • Easy to insert new pages with six cool pre-defined papers.

    • More Fonts and Colors available when editing Rich-Text-Format Freetexts.

    • Option to email document when touching an email-address.

    • iPhone Landscape mode support.

    • Many bug fixes and enhancements.


    Available on the AppStore
    * Free Edition
    * Pro Edition



    PDF Max is an eloquently straightforward PDF DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT and NOTE TAKING solution, providing busy users the power to keep, sync, annotate, fill forms and organize a full PDF document library on the go. An all-in-one mobile PDF hub, PDF Max boasts a practical user interface, multiple document organizing features, a variety of professional note-taking utilities, as well as voice recording options.

    With PDF Max, you can:

    ★ FILL PDF FORMS: Highly advanced form-filling features that support complex form field validations & calculations are on hand within the app to help users handle filling out many different documents such as AcroForm & Static XFA forms among others.

    ★ TAKE NOTES: PDF Max was built from the ground up to make taking notes on and sharing PDF docs a breeze on iOS. The app features a variety of touch-based and type-based note taking options which together enable users to mark up and work on specific documents. In fact, boasting an innovative ZOOM-IN handwriting mode, PDF Max gives users the power to draft handwritten notes quickly while conveniently keeping their notes small yet legible.

    You can now annotate on your iPad 2 at home, on your iPhone on the go, and on your new iPad at work. All your changes are synced to other devices without transferring the whole PDF document. Only changes are exchanged, thus making the synchronization fast and saving you bandwidth on the go. You can access your documents and all your annotations anytime, anywhere ;-)

    Use PDF Max to create Rich-Text-Format content on any PDF page, including images. Furthermore, PDF Max is the only iOS PDF application at this time that supports Rich Text Format Typewriters from Adobe® Acrobat®.

    Mark important things in books, journals or documents using Highlight, Underline, Cross-out and Squiggly tools.

    Marking up might take time, why not just create voice memos and embed them into the final PDF, making your work easier than ever.

    Add comments anywhere in the document. PDF Max even supports thread-conversations to help you collaborate with others like never before.

    Use your finger or a stylus to take handwritten notes or highlight text in books, whether normal PDF or scanned. An Eraser is of course also included to help you correct and refine your handwriting.

    Draw, position and resize a multitude of shapes, including Rectangles, Lines, Ovals, Polylines, and Polygons with intelligent snapping.

    You can reorder pages, insert blank pages and even delete PDF pages. PDF Max is the only application for iOS that allows you to create & manage PDF Outlines & PDF Links.

    PDF Max allows to you download PDFs and Zip files from storage services such as iTunes, Dropbox, and any web site using its built-in Browser.

    After annotating, PDFs can be uploaded to Dropbox or Sent to anyone via Email. You can also choose to export your work as “PDFs with EDITABLE ANNOTATIONS” or “FLATTENED PDFs” for easy reading on any PDF readers.
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    In such a already overcrowded market, if you don't have a killer feature, don't bother
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    Thanks man. We understand that but we believe in our direction ;-)
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    Then I'd be happy to see what you can come up with. The only great leap forward I can think of would be a combine of PDF Expert'UI and detail and GoodReader's functionality. But I doubt if it's possible because of the resource constraint.


    Just a headsup, a lot of apps(including GoodReader so far) can't deal with superscripts properly when highlighting, I don't understand why that's hard. See if you can do that right.
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    i'd be interested in a reader that let's me see thumbnails of the book cover, like Ibooks. All the PDF readers I've seen have a poor UI. Ibooks pdf rendering is not very fast.

    If I was a developer, I'd develop a great reader, grow the installed base, then add markup and advanced features as the base grows. Many of the apps I've seen try add 10 levels of functions before they get the first few levels developed properly.
  6. matt90036, May 14, 2012
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    I think you got a lot of competition here from PDF expert and iAnnotate. Some features that are missing in one or both of above apps:
    Here are some core problems with current top PDF readers
    - iAnnotate has poor UI especially when it comes to synching
    - PDF expert lacks smooth scrolling
    - Both lack custom thumbnails for the PDF files
    - Both lack support for skydrive or google docs
    - Both don't simple one click document signing, dating, address, etc feature such as docusign has
    Must have features for your PDF
    - amazingly fast rendering engine
    - preindexing and prerendering of large PDFs
    - searching within 500 pages shouldn't take more than 30 seconds
    - support for Dropbox
    After perfect your PDF reader you could add additional features which would help it distinguish from other.
    - simple note taking
    - simple one click anywhere note taking on PDF
    - converting PDFs to JPEG
    - converting word to PDF
    Most of all a killer app would combine all of these features, would all of them very well but with very very simple UI. Only then I would be willing to spend another $9.99.
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    Can you create an app with iAnnotate's great interface and features, add note taking app quality handwriting annotation, and todo/reminder functionality - that would be my ultimate business app. I have so many reference files and constantly get new files that I need to review and provide feedback/edits or read just for the information it contains that the great handwriting functionality and the ability to add due dates to files so that I can keep track of what I have to deal with would be great! Look forward to seeing what you come up with. If your development plans capture what I describe, I would be glad to be a beta tester.
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    Thanks for great feedbacks, guys. We are trying to do our best and we're very proud on what're doing. We can give the beta access for you guys to take a look if you're okie. :)


    We are actually in testing of the version 1.0, scheduled to release in June (handwriting includes). In Phase III which we are working on, we offer "handwriting over PDF" with realistic ink style and zoom-in writing - it will be include in the next major update - v2.0 ( scheduled to release in August - 2012). We'd be glad to invite you to access the beta program, please contact us at pdfmaxapp@gmail.com . Thanks for your suggestions and we're looking forward to hearing from you. :)
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    We hope this screenshot to give you answers on your issues:
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    Try with some complex maths equation, words alone aren't tricky enough.
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    Okie, we will try this. BTW, could you please send us your document for testing? :)
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    iannotate is the best out there overall, with goodreader and pdf expert providing a solid experience, and their own strengths. what would get me to change?

    faster rendering (scanned pdf files are slow) and the ability to highlight/copy vertical text (asian characters). so far, only android can do the latter.

    i'd like to do beta testing. will email you.
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    tell me your email address, i can send you a university lecture slide i found trouble with
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    Please send to pdfmaxapp@gmail.com
    Thanks you very much!.
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    Rain on his parade, dude.:rolleyes:
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    Yeah but that's a sad truth.
    Competition on pdf-related apps is so fierce, and the goddamn open-in list only allows eight or so to appear, so anything without a killer feature gets deleted within a few minutes on my iPad.
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    I've found none of the available PDF apps makes a decent reader. They all seem to shoot for the hi-end with drawing, markup and signature tools but none make a fast intuitive readers.

    I'd pay money for a good reader, as I find myself going back to the free Apple Ibooks.
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    Hope this answers your questions, Wadjii. :)
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    Please try highlighting the whole equation. Proper highlight IMO should be a whole yellow rectangle covering the equation, but most apps leave space, making the highlight seems broken.
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    Why not just put multiply highlight lines through the equation? I don't know too many people that have physical highlighters in different widths big enough to cover an equation that size with one stroke.
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    Because you can't, it's not free drawing type of highlighter as that in notability. What's more, physical practice shouldn't be the boundary but only the bottom line for virtual innovation. It's always right to wish for more and better, why settle if better is possible?
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    Ah, I thought it was free drawing type of highlighter. I asked for a beta test invite, so hopefully they'll let me in on it.
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    If it is, they drew a REALLY straight line. And BTW, I don't like that sort of highlighter, well, at least don't want it to be the only choice.

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