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Peasant's Quest Thread!

Discussion in 'Community' started by MrBubbles, Aug 2, 2004.

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    Who here has tried Peasant's Quest over at Homestar Runner?

    I've got 43 points right now, but I can't figure out how to get the riches from the jhonka :confused:

    These old-style games are fun but tough... :)
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    You have to kill the Kerrek with the bow and arrow, which makes it start raining (dont forget to take his belt after you kill it). Go down a few screens to the dirt pile, which is now a mud pile. Get in the mud. Go one screen west, and "hide in hay"

    You then have a moveable disguise to go steal the riches.

    Im so lame. I beat that game in like 10 minutes. Im a homestar junkie.

    I beat it with 140 out of 150 possible. I didnt know what to do with the naked guy in the tree...
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    dumb question:

    i just started playing, and i got into a cottage, got a handful of chicken feed (my first point, btw), but i can't get out of the cottage. wtf is the command to leave?

    the game rocks by the way. for a while i thought they were just going to leave it as a trailer.
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    Just use the arrow keys and walk down. (and to the right) Dont hold the arrow keys, just press them and release.
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    Thanks agreenster, I figured it had something to do with the mud and the hay.

    Rock, Rock On!
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    I got 147 out of 150. Never figured out what to do with the naked guy in the tree either. Tried talking to him, but that scared him away. Tried giving him the robe, wouldn't let me. Oh well!

    Kudos to the Brothers Chaps, the tons of responses they programmed is just great!
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    Daveman Deluxe

    Nothing can be done with the naked guy.

    As for the missing points, there are a few items you can get by using the baby in various ways. Toss the baby into the lake in the right place and you'll get a soda. Lower him into the well, and you'll get something (can't remember what). Take the baby to the man running the inn and you'll get some pills. These can be given to the wizards in the room before you meeet Trogdor instead of having to answer their riddles.
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    Yeah, it took me a while to try jumping into the mud, since from the previews I thought that would be a bad thing (ending up dead). As a peasant, I was getting sick of the smart talk whenever I tried to swim the various waterways. :D I thought it was pretty cool when I got killed by the horse, though, for kicking it. :) Anybody try making friends with the kerrek or buying kerrek a cold one. :) It's pretty much mandatory after seeing the next sbemail.

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