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Pebble Announces Next-Generation $249 'Pebble Steel' Smart Watch

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 6, 2014.

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    Pebble today announced its next-generation Pebble Smart Watch, the Pebble Steel, which features a stainless steel body with a leather or steel band and a face covered with the ultra durable and scratch resistant Gorilla Glass used in Apple's own products.

    Along with a new metal or leather band, a deviation from the plastic band of the first-generation Pebble, the Pebble Steel features smaller side and top bezels for a slimmer, lighter profile. The Pebble Steel weighs 45 grams, two grams less than the original Pebble.

    According to Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky, who spoke to CNET, the Pebble Steel is designed to be a more formal version of the original Pebble.
    The band is available in both brushed stainless steel and a matte black steel, along with black leather. Pebble Steel lasts for up to a week on a single charge and includes an LED indicator that displays battery life. Like the original Pebble, it is waterproof.

    Along with the Steel, Pebble has announced that its app store will be available to users later in January. The company is also partnering with new companies to introduce a playback control app for Pandora, ESPN sports stats and box scores, and a car stats monitoring app from Mercedes.

    Pebble Steel will begin shipping on January 28 for $249, a $100 premium over the existing Pebble watch. Pre-orders can be placed today on the Pebble website.

    Article Link: Pebble Announces Next-Generation $249 'Pebble Steel' Smart Watch
  2. TheGenerous, Jan 6, 2014
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    I'm still preferring old fashion watches. They are better built and look great. These examples below cost less than the Pebble.

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    Very cool design.
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    Is this one of those videos in the running for the worst of the year?

    Why can no one make a decent product video anymore!?

    Watch looks ok. a bit 1970s - but not a bad thing!
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    Not too shabby.
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    That actually looks rather nice. I'm very picky when it comes to watches, so for me to say that I like the look of it, that's saying a lot.
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    Mac Rumors?

    Shouldn't this have been posted to GenericTechRumors.com or PebbleRumors.com? I see the tenuous Apple link to iWatch, but com'on let's not dilute the subject.
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    Looks nice. I love my Pebble but $100 above the original one seems a tad steep. Then again, some buy high end mechanical watches costing hundreds without blinking.
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    70's pre-punk retro styling, not a period with a great fashion legacy

    but then i can't see the attraction of smart watches, maybe there's a market for this sort of stuff, good luck to them
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    nice design
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    Hopefully we'll see many more wearables in the market this year that will drive the prices down. As much as I would love to own a pebble, 250 is way to steep for me.
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    I'll be saving my pennies for the iWatch thank you.
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    1. The Pebble is also iPhone-compliant.

    2. I have been contemplating with ordering the Pebble as it's GREAT value. However, I'll definitely wait for this new model.
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    Still amazes me how this product is light years ahead of Samsung's wearable.
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    Finally a pebble that's "decent" looking. I will consider looking at these after I see what Apple puts on the table.
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    I hate all watches except my $10 Casio. You know, that one that they have been selling for 30 years :D

    When these get that light an unobtrusive i'll be all about them.

    Same goes for eyewear
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    Love it

    I love my pebble watch as I have stated before. The black metal one actually looks very much like another watch I own. Maybe it is time to give my old pebble to a family member.

    Also the live stream made me feel a little nervous for Eric. I see why even the showman that was Steve Jobs still ran mountains of rehearsals. Its not as easy as he used to make it look.
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    There's a simpler solution to your problem: scroll past this news story.
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    I just puked in my mouth a bit. Abysmal design.
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    Which is entirely different. Truly high-end, mechanical watches are an investment that will span generations. Not a piece of disposable modern tech.
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    Still wondering why smart watches are needed- especially if they have to ride on the coattails of the smart phone in your pocket.
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    eew... I think it kind of looks... pretty bad. I like the normal one more it is less pretentious.
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    I genuinely think they'll all fail based upon trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist. It's like having a remote control for your car radio. The controls are there, right there!
  24. Stella, Jan 6, 2014
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    The plastic ( original ) pebbles cost $149, if thats in your price range. Same functionality.

    Not everyone has their smartphone in their pocket… or available at hand.
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    Chupa Chupa

    They also serve a different purpose and have (intentionally because they are jewelry) less functionality. Silly comparison. Smart Watches are not meant to be fashion or wealth statements.


    Improvement on the Pebble's aesthetics. But still too think and clunky for my taste. I love how they keep steamrolling along but hope they don't end up getting steam rolled when/if Apple shows a smart watch.

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