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Penn State students blast Napster deal

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 7, 2003.

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    as well they should... talk about a misuse of funds. not everyone wants to use napster or help pay for someone else to use it.

    good for the students
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    Forget the fact that napster sucks. It makes no fiscal sense for a university to get involved in music trading? With the Students MONEY.

    I go to Arizona State University, and the campus is ram-punt with misuse of student fees and funds, if people knew half of where their money went to they would be pissed.

    Can anyone find the Penn State newspaper website, I'd like to see what the students really have to say.
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    The students need to shut up and quit their pouting. If it wasnt for the mass majority of them STEALING music via Kazza and other sources, this would have never came about. People pay for all such of crazy things in school, this is just added to the list. Some might think the money spent for football, basketball,soccer, etc... is a misuse of funds. I say good deal PSU.
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    hey do you go to penn state they implemented this thing where you can only download 1.5 gigs of stuff a week if you go over too many times you lose your connection
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    while they're at it, might as well throw in a deal with the local pizza place and bar too. i'd rather have a weekly allowance for those two than for downloading music. the part that really sucks is they're stuck with a *****y online music store, i'd rather have itms any day. forget that it's a better store by a long shot, but it's also compatible with macs and pcs. i can see the class action lawsuit of mac users at the campus now.
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    Some people are saying the new Napster sucs.
    Have yall tried the new Napster?

    Maybe it doesn't suck.

    Hope this doesn't set a trend though, don't need anymore additional cost at my school, lol
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    does suck

    tried it

    does suck
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    No I dont attend PSU, but when I was in college, there were some funds I thought that could be put to better use. I guess it all depends on the individual.

    1.5G a week is a good deal. If they have the songs your looking for.

    I have just 200 + songs in my library, and it's only 1.3G. To be able to down load that a week seems like a sweet deal. But that's just me.
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    i wouldn't be able to find all those songs
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    Communist Capitalist Education:rolleyes:

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