Pepsi apologizes for iPhone app that many are calling sexist

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 14, 2009.

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    Unspoken Demise

    Good god. I read that whole article, and frankly, if you think #pepsifail then you seriously need something else to get angry about.

    Sexist for a brag feature? Guys will brag with or without the help of an app.

    Kudos to pepsi for not removing it. Maybe some moderation to keep names of women out of posts, but other than that, I see no issue. Just make sure identities are safe.
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    To quote the article...

    ... And that pretty much sums it up. It's not castratingly bad, but I don't see how you can argue it's not objectifying.

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    I , and so many other people, never heard of this app until all the fuss over it. Therefore I downloaded it (of course...I mean who wouldnt)...and I actually like it. Its witty, yet free, and a great time waster.

    the people who failed are those arguing against this app. The more noise they make, the more downloads this app will get.
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    The old "bad press is good press" bit. Ain't it the truth.
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    I Did Too :D
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    Sweet, look at this app I had never heard of. :)
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    The thing is that anyone who uses this app to proposition a woman will likely have very little to brag about. It looks like it's meant to be humorous. There are much worse things in life for young people, like .... drinking Pepsi ;)
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    I thought the entire thing was stupid but inoffensive; apart from the lines you quoted. The potential for privacy violations should have set off the warning bells with whoever wrote this app, surely.
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    It's no worse than Maxim magazine, but then again, Pepsi probably wants women to keep buying Pepsi products, whereas Maxim's target audience is pretty specific!
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    i got mine. its funny.
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    How bored does someone have to be to whine about this?? :confused: I've never even heard of it until the complaints started surfacing. they have one for gay pickup lines? :D
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    Same for me. Never heard of the app until the controversy and I'm downloading it now! lol
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    Pepsi gaffe

    What's mad, besides the content of this app, is that Pepsi aren't interested in marketing to women or girls. Their marketing $ is spent on guys. Don't women buy or drink Pepsi? So this is incompetent marketing at every level.

    But hey! What if Pepsi had written a female version of the same app - with chat-up lines for different categories of men - with names like 'Jock' and 'Nerd'? :)

    Imagine - 'MacGeek' or 'iGeek' might have had a category of his own! :D
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    This app isn't about Pepsi Cola. It's about AMP ... which I think is a more sugary version of Mountain Dew. It's targeted specifically for guys in the younger demographic.

    Perhaps Pepsi should make an app for a Pepsi product that is targeted for women.
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    Who cares? How bout an article right next to this one that reads- "cosmo is a smut filled piece of garbage"
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    Seriously. Look at Maxim, Cosmo, Playgirl, and Playboy, available in supermarkets all over the country. If they want to advertise their "man soda" with this, go for it--no different than taking out ads in the two male-oriented of those four magazines. Sure, if you get into it there may be privacy concerns, but then Facebook and Myspace are both giant, raging privacy concerns, not to mention drastically more popular, and nobody whines about them.

    I'd certainly never have heard of it if it weren't for this.

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