Pepsi/iTunes Superbowl Ad Details

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    USA Today offers details on the upcoming Pepsi/iTunes Superbowl ad campaign which will launch the 100 million iTunes song giveaway.

    The new ad campaign will feature 20 teens who were sued by the Recording Industry Association of America for illegal music downloads.

    Green Day is reported to have recorded a special version of "I Fought the Law" for the Pepsi ad. The ad will appear on Feb 1st during the Superbowl.
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    hehe awesome...I love marketing..
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    that's funny stuff. I can't wait - I've already started building up my pepsi tolerance.
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    Wow, Greenday used to be against iTunes. Greenday used to be totally against co-operating for TV ads.
    Now they've actually made a track specifically for this ad. Apple/Pepsi must be doing something right.
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    Green Day sold out a LLOOONNNGGGG time ago.
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    I fought the law .. and the law won?
    And.. I can now download stuff for free, but after I've purchased a sugared water. That's a new definition of free.

    Well.. I'm sure the ad will get people's attention, and that's what it's made to do.
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    #7 that's innovation at it's best! thanks apple.
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    Yeah, Their offering a band that hasn't made much money lately a whole lot of money. They would’ve been stupid and starved if they hadn’t!
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    Music Downloads

    Got Poison? :D
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    I believe that is what they call a "win-win" situation. I think this Pepsi/Apple thing is going to be HUGE.
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    How long before the first newspaper article with some whiny knucklehead suing Apple and Pepsi after getting scammed with phony iTunes code numbers on eBay?

    This could be the biggest law & order media campaign since "Just say no." Nancy Reagan, we thank you for inspiring us.
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    too bad I hate pepsi.

    but *that* is funny. Perfect commercial
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    Jerry Spoon

    Ad looks like it will be really funny. Almost wish I hadn't read the teaser though. Those ads might be the best part of the offense to any Patriots or Panthers fans. ;)
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    any ideas of anything to mix with pepsi? a rum and coke just doesnt taste the same when it is a rum and pepsi.

    second time ive switched in two years, first from win-tel to mac, and soon from coke to pepsi. . . least while the giveaway is running!!!

    good ad though! good to see greenday is still. . . alive!
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    I think Long Island's taste better with Pepsi. The extra sweetness of the Pepsi works to dull the Sour mix. Mmm, tasty.
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    Ellen Feiss 2.0...?
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    Too much football, not enough commercials

    You know, it's really irritating that they interrupt all the entertaining commercials with that silly football thing. Oh well. At least it gives me time to get more beer and chips before the commercials start again. :)
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    What can Pepsi haters do in order to get an itunes code number?

    1. Force your children to drink that crap and keep the cap.
    2. Walk into a bodega and steal the caps off the bottles.
    3. See if they have one of those "No Purchase Necessary Disclosers" and mail away for one.
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    Yes, difinitely long island ice tea.... Much better with Pepsi. And I agree that rum+pepsi=bad.
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    Hahaha! Great angle. It reminds me of the way The Simpsons constantly poke fun of FOX programming and Rupert Murdoch. Take that RIAA ^_^ You just know there is going to be alot of editorializing (as long as they talk about apple it will be good) about these commercials and unless there is some bombshell dropped by another company they will likely be the hit of the Superbowl. The editorializing will get irritating eventually. I can read it now "Edgy Pepsi/Apple Giveway Ad A Winner...But Sad Legal Battle Is Hotbutton Blah Blah Blah"

    Bill O'Reilly "Blah Blah Blah values encourages kids to do legal thing blah blah blah underlies the blah blah isn't this just exploiting blah blah blah everything is wrong with younger people blah blah blah blah i don't know what i'm talking about but easily swayed people take my word as golden blah blah blah".
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    Good stuff! I agree with the above, this thing is going to be HUGE!

    By itself, Pepsi and Apple both have good commercials... together they should be quite the team!:D
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    i wish i wouldn't have read that...i would have liked the suspense...sounds like a fantastic ad (from a person who deals with advertising professionally)...

    of course...i won't step foot in the states until long after this thing is over...boohoo...v
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    I love the ad...

    and may I add (rimshot)


    Things have been quiet in Apple Land......too quiet.....
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    ugh greenday--they suck so bad
    I have no interest in watching the ad
    maybe I'll just turn the sound down
    so I can continue to use my ears
    the rest of my life
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    You could always drink Sierra Mist

    If you don't like pepsi per se just drink Sierra Mist. The bottles will have the codes also.

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