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Performing Live Music

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Vivalabreitels, Apr 5, 2012.

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    Im looking at buying an iPad mostly to use when i play music live. My set up would be my guitar and vocals live and have the iPad providing the remaining backing tracks(drums, bass, etc). Ive see a few people do that set up without an iPad and i have the capabilities to do so with my macbook, id just prefer a simple set up. Any suggestions as to apps to use? Is garageband the only app worth using for music creation and production?
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    Garageband is great, but it lacks volume automation. Try out the HarmonicDog app called "Multi-Track"
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    iOS Musician is a good blog for music apps and hardware for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Recently they've been talking about the upcoming AudioBus multi-tasking feature between apps.

    Let's say you like the amp sounds coming out of Amplitube, you can run that app and record its output in Multi-Track, SoundCloud or whatever software.

    But as for using GarageBand for live performances, it's completely doable. Of if you wanna use Amplitube, it has a playback feature, so you can play along with any mp3 (bass, drum and backup vox tracks)
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    Thanks for the tips. Ill look into all the suggestions

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