Permanently delete purchases from iCloud?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by Revomonster, Dec 26, 2012.

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    Is there any possible way to permanently delete apps from iCloud and iTunes? I mean even delete them from the hidden section of iTunes? I want to delete a few apps and make it like it used to be in iTunes, where you could delete a paid app, and then you would have to buy it again even if you had paid for it once. I do not want any trace of this purchase. Someone broke into my iTunes account and used it for something nefarious. Please help!
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    Bro, there is no way that you can do anything like that. Apple do not allow there customer to change or remove purchase history. You can hide them but as I can see you are not willing to do that. My recommendation is if you are so desperate to remove your trace why not you just go to setting and remove your apple ID from your device(just like abandon ship :p)
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    Which app?
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    I'm also curious about these nefarious things.
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    I am just curious because I think that someone got into my iTunes account and downloaded a nasty free app that I do not want on my record. I have hidden it, but I want to completely remove it from my account. Does anyone know if I can call apple directly and have them do it?
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    Nasty Free App? If it's Karma Sutra, nothing nasty about that.
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    I wasn't aware Apple allowed nefarious apps in the store... Sure you're not overreacting?
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    Actually recently apple start to allow some apps which are adult rated. Steve die and apple start to loose its good karma. :mad:
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    Please, show me these apps.

    If you're jailbroken, check out iSteamy. That's an app that is adult related.
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    What about the Sex App Shop. I don't use it so I can't provide sufficient information about that app. But I saw it one of my friends iPad :p:D
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    Find it for me.

    The way I see it is, if Apple approves it and doesn't remove it, it's good enough. I don't see why people can't just scroll passed it and not whine.

    I'm not saying you are, but somethings people cry about these days make me wonder what our next generation is going to be like. The 90's babies cry more than anything (the ones that joined the military at least), I'm dreading the day when a 00's baby joins the military and I tell him what do to and he asks "why" or complains.
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    Love it! And very appropriate.

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