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Peter Gabriel, unswitched?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Timothy, Sep 24, 2002.

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    Did we lose one to the dark side? Peter Gabriel has released his latest album on Windows Media Player.

    As I recall, Peter Gabriel used to be a big promoter of Apple; wasn't he one of the Apple Masters or whatever they used to call them?

    Anyhow, here's the story on Cnet:

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    then , i am not buying a peter gabriel album,keeep in mind i play a blue strat and a mesa dual rectifier tremoverb modded by voodoo amps.hehhehhehe
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    He uses a mac to make his music, who cares if M$ have got the rights to distribute his music using the WMA codec ?

    I think artists know what platform works and that's why I've never seen a single interview in any music tech magazine where any artist or group that comes close to Peter Gabriel's level of talent uses PCs.

    I also imagine there's a lot of money involved in licencing music digitally because it's rare for a totally secure format to be accepted, I doubt they'll be a stream (no pun intended) of other artists doing anything similar, it's testing the water as far as I'm concerned.
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    god i love your sig. bt may be arrogant, but damned if he cant be poignant.
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    Glad you like it :D

    I sort of disagree on the arrogant thing, he's just saying exactly what's on everyone else's mind but they're too polite or PC to say it. Plus if someone's riding on the back on of a genre so connected with an artist and they see other artists (I use that term VERY loosely) ploughing it into the ground I think they're justified in being at least mildly negative if not angry about it.

    He's in the position where sweeping statements like that don't make him arrogant, it's music that's sort of **** (not a typo) out of the genre's he's been connected with forming over the years. On a similar note I think Ozzy Ozborne is right to slate most of the modern rock stuff for just being noise, people screaming and practically no melody. It's true, well there's nickelback, puddle of mud and a few like that that are coming out now and they're probably not what he's refering to because they right good songs and they're music doesn't stink either but I'd agree with what both artists are saying about the majority of the music they're refering to without calling them arrogant.

    I think BT enjoyed all the trance/progressive house stuff, he was part of that whole thing, still is along with people like sasha and paul van dyk. All of them have evolved as artists and come up with even more original sounds since while the modern (read commericalised) interpretation of the style is no more than a rehash of the happy hardcore scene of the early '90s, riding on the back of the credibility and originality that 'trance' or 'progressive house' once meant as a genre.

    Just to bring it back on topic, anyone heard "The Tower That Ate People" off the Peter Gabriel "OVO" album ? It's co-produced by BT and it's got that whole sound BT has to it while sounding like classic Gabriel stuff too. You shouldn't even need to have a massively eclectic taste in music like I do to appretiate it either.
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    i just love it when a guy has the balls to say something like that, then later make a hotass track with a group like n'sync. it shows severe confidence in ones talent. i think its great.

    i h8 what trance has become, but it was doomed from the beginning i guess. sasha still keeps real trance in line, while the bubblegum **** gets played by the ATB-clones.

    john digweed is my own personal savior tho. no one spins dirty deep house like him, IMHO.
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    They just interviewed Peter Gabriel on Newsnight about his opinions on filesharing.

    He had a lot to say, not much of which I can remember in full but the general flow of it was that he just sees it as another form of distribution and he believes paid for filesharing is the way forward for music and other forms of media, he also said the prices are fair for what people are getting and although he sees it as unfair that someone could be robbing him of his livelyhood by downloading his whole album off kazaa, he also sees the point in filesharing as a way of distributing new music, unsigned and non mainstream stuff that doesn't sound like pop stars has a huge advantage of using filesharing over normal channels.

    I can see his point personally, from both angles. I don't think paying for protected streams is a bad idea, I'm just concerned that with the labels in control we could pay almost as much for a listen once and delete version of tune than we could for the single.
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    I'm sorry but I've burned quite a few cds from mp3s dl-ed off the net and they sound like crap in my car stereo system (550w, sony head, kicker solobaric, jl audio hi's) and in my home system as well. MP3s are great for the computer but if I like the cd I'll buy it so i can enjoy it elsewhere.

    They need to bring CD prices down where they should be rather then price gouge, they are mad that they can't rob people any more.
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    it all depends on your source. i rip nothing but cdquality mp3s. i guarantee you zero fidelity loss to the human ear. i also do not download from ANYWHERE but newsgroups, where the standard is set high for what people post.
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    Pete's a genius

    Whatever he does, he has his reasons beyond the comprehension of the rest of us.

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