Peter Griffin: Small is beautiful for Apple

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 3, 2005.

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    I immediately thought of the patriarch of The Family Guy when I read the title.
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    Yea, very misleading. Can we change the title to: "Peter Griffin (not the Family Guy, but rather a real author who isn't a cartoon, so don't click if you think it's this is going to be funny and from Seth McFarlane): Small is beautiful for Apple"


    But rather this guy:
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    "There's a plastic fitting so you can use the Nano with your existing iPod dock"

    No, that's for future third-party accessories, which can now be standardized for all docking iPods regardless of dimensions. Good move--but not meaningful yet.

    Current docks can take the nano with no adapter needed.

    PS, I see his reason against recommending iPods of any kind is that Apple won't support Microsoft's efforts to push their WMA format. Bad Apple! Microsoft could really use a hand here! :rolleyes:
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    Same shirt.
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    Ugh. Wasted click. Got my hopes up for the merging of my two favorite worlds- Apple and Family Guy.
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    same here :D
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    im so glad my name isn't Peter Griffin lol
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    Yeah me too! :p ;)
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    Gah, I thought it was going to be something like an appearance in a new episode or something. :(

    That guy's probably wondering where all the hits are coming from!
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    nah I think the Herald is probably used to that by now ;)

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