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Petition against pointless petitions

Discussion in 'Wasteland' started by ChicagoMac, Jan 30, 2003.

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    There seem to be a lot of petitions on here that are really pointless. Neither Apple, Microsoft nor any other company is going to change their plans over 53 let alone 5300 signatures. If you would like to see pointless petitions come to an end on Macrumors, please respond to this thread. Then we'll send it to Arn and get this taken care of.;)
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    Maybe people are trying to make a difference in a difficult situation. Who gives you the right to deem these petitions pointless? I signed the blizzard petition because I feel I might have a chance to make a difference. How about you stop posting threads about pizza, I mean, why the hell should you spam the board with that ****? Well, because some find it important, so until told otherwise, kindly shut the **** up and allow us who want to waste our time signing pointless petitions do so in peace.
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    If these people don't voice their opinions, who will? That one petition for tabbed safari browsing started from one person, and I'm glad he decided to voice his opinion, just look at the # of signatures!

    It's people like them who change the way the world thinks, all for the greater good. If you don't like it... well you're entitled to your opinion, however lame it might be.
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    i dont like the petetions because i think no comapny really cares about them. but i dont complain. I just say to myself "well whata know, another petetion." if it makes some people happy and make them feel they have a chance to stop and gain something then by all means make one. if you dont like the petetion threads just dont click on them, simple as that.

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    First of all diorio, drop the diorio (diarhea) of the mouth (or fingers in this case). I guess you failed to see the sarcasm in my very own pointless petition. Notice the wink at the end too. As far as the pizza thread, it was in the proper forum and plenty of people have responded. You can go to that one and swear at somebody else if you don't like their pizza toppings. Take your language elsewhere or we'll wash your mouth out with isoap.
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    Sun Baked

    At least the poll to end pointless polls worked. ;)
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    make the petitions have 5 million signatures and it may actually have a difference. Companies aren't democracies--their motives are based purely on profit 50-5000 people not paying won't even be noticed.
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    I will sign any petition against more pointless petitions!

    Pleas link me! :D
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    I was making pointless petitions before they were "in"
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    Was there any doubt in anyone's mind that Apple ~wasn't~ going to implement tabbed browsing in Safari?

    I'd have to say that some petitions are stupid, but not all of them are bad.
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    I think that if you don't like pointless petitions then you shouldn't
    look at them.....

    and dorio - if you dont like this thread dont respond to it.

    If you dont like liv tyler then dont look at my avatar

    if you dont like lord of the rings, then dont pay $8 to see it at the

    do you get my point? If you don't like something then ignore it,
    unless it is a problem.
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    Sun Baked

    But that spinning head avatar was so hard to ignore...

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    I, too, think that if people don't like the petitions, then they should just ignore them.
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    I would like to third that e-motion.
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    hah, That is why i took it off. It seems that I am too handsome... ;)
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    if you guys can post petitions with opinions about stuff, soliciting our support, we can most certainly voice our disapproval. You posted it on a messageboard, so don't be surprised when people read it, and disagree.

    I'm totally agreed that the petition craze is obnoxious. they're not going to get **** accomplished, just waste server bandwidth and annoy people.

    and, for the record, if i wanted to sign petitions, i'd go over to their site myself.


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    I have to agree, the petitions recently posted on here are completely pointless and I (we) have a right to say so, I've seen you've go off on several members when you disagree with something they have posted, you should chill out.sarcasm is one thing but telling someone to shut the f-up is another.
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    Dont Hurt Me

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    I beg to differ. Ye may have a right to say so, but do so politely. Calling a petetion pointless to someone who believes in the cause is like slapping a bear over the head with a fish! You don't do it if you know what is good fer you! While telling the member to shut the star thingy up, was a bit rude, he probably was quite passionate about the cause and felt like being slapped over the head with a cold dead fish! If you know what I mean.:)
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    you know what i find is funny. you sit there and read my post and quote, but yet you accomplish you write my name with all capitals and an h in jon. i just thought that it was kindof funny.

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    Re: Petition against pointless petitions

    Wouldn't this thread speak for itself...much like this pointless post? :D

    Perci, I think a cold, alive fish would be better. That way, it gives you the chance to slap him silly after it bites him in the ass. :eek:

    Petitions are an option, and have been since people were born. If people don't like them, as iJon pointed out, they don't read or sign them. Because if they start reading them, they'll turn off that intelligence switch on the back of their brains (if they have any) and begin participating in mindless rants and fishfights. :p

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    Petitions are a lot like butter. A little can make your pastries taste better but too much gives you a heart attack.
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    My theory is that you will only get a heart attack if you eat too
    much butter.

    See my previous posts if that doesn't make sense.
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    Previous posts?

    Yeah, many other people like to dream as well. :D

    Then again, who the heck in their right mind would eat ANY butter from the stick? :eek: :rolleyes:
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    You all are gonna know how importnat petitions are when your government start to make them illegal and prohibid all of them.

    That is what is going on in my country right now, we have no right to manifest.

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