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Petition was to bring the iTunes Music Store to Canada on Ma...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 18, 2003.

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    Blah blah blah blah BLAH!

    It's COMING, OK? Maybe I'll make a petition for people to stop petitioning every stupid little thing. :rolleyes:
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    I agree - these online petition things really have no impact on much of anything, and in this case has no hope of doing anything to anyone. They're working on it. It's legal stuff. Move on.

    FYI - unless it's REALLY good, I don't think i'm posting anyone else's links to petitions...
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    Jerry Spoon

    Right...because I'm sure Apple is just holding back ITMS for Canada just because they hate Canadians. This will obviously turn it all around.:rolleyes:
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    The other thing is that setting up an online petition is ridiculously easy. It requires little effort. You just type up the petition, sign it yourself, and then spam the link on a bunch of websites. If people like the petition, they just have to click a link and enter in their information.

    There's no effort expended into actually going around to people's doors, or sitting out at a stand in some high-profile place, having to sell people into the benefit of signing the petition with their signature. Getting real signatures is much harder than getting online signatures, because to people it seems like they're signing a legal document or something.

    All this means that online petitions do much less than their paper counterparts, because the effort is less.

    That doesn't even mention the fact that an online petition cannot NEARLY make as much of an impression on people as hand-delivering them 10 or so big boxes of paper.
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    I'm pretty sure Apple is working on this issue... If Apple would pay the effort making the Windows ver iTMS to get more potential buyer (plus iPod buyer), there is no reason why Apple wouldn't do something to let even more people outside USA to buy songs; But that involve lots of license issue with those record company plus credit card copmany.
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    Jobs said next year for iTMS Europe, can an iTMS Canada be after that? I have to believe they are working their behinds off in legal to get this out to as many countries as possible. The more interesting question is will there be a Linux version of iTunes?

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