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Discussion in 'iPod' started by maxjg, Sep 6, 2007.

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    Hi guys.
    I haven't been an Apple guy for too long(2yrs, appx), so my knowledge is limited on this one. Has Apple ever really responded to petitions? If so, I think we really need to make one for a HDD-based iPod Touch. Yes, I realize this may be a marketing scheme by Apple, but still, our voices need to be heard!

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    Suggest you write a nice polite letter to Apple requesting this.

    And you can give feedback on the Apple web site.
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    you have to understand that Apple is a huge corporation. they have hundreds of employees working in their R&D department alone. On top of marketing specialists. What they rolled out yesterday was for a reason. A reason that will do the best for the COMPANY, not its customers. That's how big corporations work. Yes, Apple seems to care more about what its customers want, but everything they COULD have done was debated and tossed around for 2 years. And they are already working on what's coming in 2 more years. This is what we get, no matter how many people want an HDD based Touch.
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    Get with the program Max. It will come. Apple just needs to sell a shiteload of flash based ones and then re-sell higher capacity ones to them in a year or so. SUck it up, buy the flash version and start saving again. :p
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    Jaffa Cake

    Unfortunately, online petitions generally aren't worth the paper they're written on. ;)
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    See original post:
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    I can understand why you guys want more capacity for the touch. But you need to realize there is no marketing for this at all, it is truly based on what is possible. Hard Drives take an incredible amount of battery to work. The current Classic at 80 GB has batter of 30 hours for Audio and 5 for Video. Now look at the the Touch, it has 22 hours for Audio and 5 for Video. The touch probably uses a smaller or the same battery as the Classic 80 Gb. For what you want to be possible the iPod will be the size of the classic + all the stuff that makes the touch screen possible + a huge battery. This would be at least the size of a 4th Generation iPod, and that might only be for battery of 15 for Audio, and 1 for Video. To get good performance the thing would have to be huge, maybe even 3rd Generation iPod size to make it worth it. It's not going to happen.
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    the touch is fine. doesnt need more space.
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    I dunno, as I'm not a battery expert, but I'd guess that Apple put a smaller battery in the iPod touch then they did the classic because of size. I would imagine that if they put the classic's battery in the touch, it'd get probably at least 20 hours of battery life with music. I(and many other people I have talked to), would much rather have a slightly thicker iPod touch with an HDD then a nerfed 8mm.
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    Everytime you think something else could have been done, please re-read this. And yes, I did just quote myself.
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    Petitions only (if ever) work concerning governments.

    Apple knows what it wants to sell and putting a disk drive into another iPod is unlikely to happen. If it weren't for the expense of huge capacities, the full-sized iPod would have flash memory. In two years, there might not be a 1.8 inch disk drive in use at Apple.
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    I wouldn't be surprised if in two years there wasn't a 2.5" drive in use in Apple laptops!
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    Yeah, but if Apple, as a corporation, finds that they may make a whole lot more money from a HDD based touch then a flash based one, it's not unreasonable to think that they might release one.
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    Yes. There are already flash memory kits with PATA and SATA interfaces to fit into those slots. Of course, paying $600 for something that normally would cost you $125 is a bit much but they're available.
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    $600 now, $300 next year, and $125 in 2 years time.. :)

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