Philips Announces 'M1X-DJ' Music System for iOS Devices

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    Electronics manufacturer Philips has announced (via Engadget) the M1X-DJ system, an iOS-centric DJ controller with various features including compatibility with both the iPhone and iPad via Lightning connector, a compact mixer, and onboard turntables. The system also supports streaming via Bluetooth, a shoulder strap, and support for Algoriddim's popular music-mixing app Djay 2.

    Last week, Pioneer announced the "DDJ-WeGO2", a iOS-centric DJ controller with similar features including jog wheels and an onboard mixing console. The Philips M1X-DJ will be released in November for EUR399 ($526).

    Article Link: Philips Announces 'M1X-DJ' Music System for iOS Devices
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    Wouldn't the 'DJ' be blocking the output from the speakers when using this? Surely the speakers should be pointing away from the 'DJ'?
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    Yeah, good point...
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    Looking at the additional photos, there appears to be some round openings on the other side, but they don't look like speakers...Not sure what Phillips were thinking.
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    Even though most are not considered main-stream products, and they tend to be a bit pricey, Philips has come out with some really nicely designed, and well-thought-out products, the last several years.

    Color me impressed. :cool:
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    The M1X-DJ: For those wanting to DJ to their waist.
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    Battlefield Fan

    Are you suggesting that they actually need to think when designing a product?
  8. rmbpuser, Sep 5, 2013
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    the lightning port works at whichever side you plug the device. Now unless you specifically know that the dock supports only one angle of rest...
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    Sure you might be able to angle it the other way but then the iPad would be blocking the DJ controls.

    See image below. Not sure if they are speakers on the other side too but there are definitely speakers pointing right at your waist.

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    Clearly it's a product for pregnant women looking to serenade their unborn child.
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    the control table flips around either way. they just put it this way for the product photo.

    kinda like how every suburb/ranch house has fake shutters with the louvers angled the wrong way, because it looks better, even tho if actually closed they would let rain in.
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    So while we're nitpicking details, there's no such thing as "80-Watts of sound". The internal amplifier may be capable of generating a total peak 80 watts of electrical power to the load (speakers), but sound is measured in decibels. Citing 'watts' for sound output in marketing materials drives me nuts.

    As for the pic, the direction the speakers are facing are likely immaterial - I'm betting it's just pictured that way for marketing purposes.
  14. checksix, Sep 6, 2013
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    the top control panel is reversible so you can point the speakers away from you and facing the crowd...
    (figured this out by checking other sites, pictures and youtube video...)
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    I'm interested in this, but can't find out any additional information about it.
  16. Turklimanc, Dec 19, 2013
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    No. Here is a link:

    I don't know why they put on a photo with ipad mini turned around... so yeah. Hopefully this answers. :)

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