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Phone Insurance

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by MacAttackkk, Sep 9, 2013.

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    What do android users use for phone insurance? I looked into squaretrade which is $125 for 2 years with a $99 deductible. On the other hand the iphone is $99 for 2 years with a $50 deductible. Why such a big difference? I am thinking about getting an htc one and want to go case-less so i would like insurance for peace of mind.
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    The Game 161

    I have my phone insurance through unlockedmobiles.co.uk when i bought my handset..here in UK it's £7.99 which is pretty good for me.
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    I've always just gone without it. I feel like I've saved money in the long run.
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    I pay att $10 per month for the first year or so until I qualify for upgrade. Really saved me when I lost my note 2. Sure the replacement was $200, and the insurance ran me $100, but it beat paying $700.

    You are probably better off just buying a equivalent phone off of craigslist if you lose yours but I am to lazy to do it.

    I can't speak 2 there so cell phone coverage but I have had bad experiences with Square Trade. I had a waterproof camera fail me they said it was not covered.
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    when I had iphones I used apple and other phones used bestbuy. Since I have a nexus now I don't really see the point in insuring a $299 phone.
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    My home contents insurance covers accidental damage and loss of gadget outside my house of up to 5 grand. iPhones are specifically listed so I am fully covered. I think my excess is 50 quid. It is a lot cheaper than paying for a separate insurance policy monthly for your phone.
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    I use ProtectCELL for my phone insurance. It’s $139 for a 2 year plan. After doing research on other phone insurance companies ProtectCELL ended up being the cheapest and most reliable. The plans do vary a little with iPhones and other smartphones but I would never go with another insurance company now that I have been using the Complete Protection Plan this past year.

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