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Photo management alternative to iphoto?

Discussion in 'Mac Applications and Mac App Store' started by kristoffer4, Nov 27, 2012.

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    I have developed a sort of love / hate relationship to iphoto. I love to be able to share photos very quickly but I REALLY hate that when iporting a image you can't import it to an existing event :mad: This way you have to add the photos and then add it to an event.

    So my question is are there any good iphoto alternatives?
    I have tried Picasa and really didn't like it.
    Any other?
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    Have your tired Aperture? Many photographers swear by it. It can share the library with iPhoto.

    I use Lightroom for photo organization and non destructive editing. I have around 50,000 images in my LR catalog. LR can invoke pixel editors like PS Elements or full PhotoShop and it can invoke plugins from Nik Software, OnOne, Topaz, and others.
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    I own both LightRoom 4 and Aperture 3. My preference is Aperture... but both are quite good and very powerful.

    One of the advantages of A3 is that it is fully integrated into iLife/iWork etc just like iPhoto. You absolutely can import into any project (A3 project is similar to an iPhoto Event... except more powerful and flexible).

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    new to Macs

    I am just now using iphoto (started two months ago) - just cucrious if you start with iphoto and decide you want to go to something Aperture or Lightroom, can you easily import the photos/albums/tags etc into the new software or are you starting from scratch!
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    With Aperture... you could always re-import. With the latest version of Aperture... you can actually use the same identical library. It is a piece of cake.

    I have never tried to migrate using LR. I have only entered photos from scratch so I am not really sure. Other LR users can answer this for you.


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