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Photo of iPod shuffle on apple.com is upside down!

Discussion in 'iPod' started by applemax, Feb 1, 2007.

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    And.... what? The point of the post you just made was, truly, pathetic...
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    I'd have to agree though... it really doesn't bother me (amazingly). It makes the point you can wear it any way you want (and yes, upside down, which makes more sense when you are wearing it because then the controls are "right side up")...

    His comment was only because you didn't state any reasons as to why you started a thread on it... so your post had as much of a point as his post.
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    Sorry. Just thought it looked silly. Thought it was an error. So, so, so sorry :apple:
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    No reason for personal attacks....

    Personally, I think it is quite unconventional and inconsistent with the rest of the site.
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    I think that is all he was looking for.
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    It was
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    How did you decide what end is the "top"? That's how the shuffle sits when docked, it's also the way many people will wear it depending on where they attach the clip.
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    At least someone agrees with me!
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    I have a first generation 512MB shuffle where the volume control labels are upside down.

    Nothing like pressing the - button 5x to make it louder. :)
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    The headphone port is on the top; the dock port is on the bottom.

    This is a "right side up" shuffle

    Yeah, I think that's why they have it upside down... it's "clipped" to the edge of the page. Kinda neat if you ask me. :)

    Huh? The + volume button is on the bottom, – on the top? My 1GB 1st gen isn't like that.
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    i believe it's like that on purpose, as if it is clipped on to that "piece of paper"
    my $0.02
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    in reply to apfex, i thought the headphone jack was the dock port?
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    So they should have shown the back, that way it would have been the right way up.
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    My bad, I didn't realize that about the new Shuffles, I just assumed it was like the other iPods when I heard they added a docking station. Still, the "top" is where that port is.
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    The headphone port doesn't define the top, see the nano. The controls (2 switches) are on the flat face opposite the headphone port. If the unit has anything that could sensibly called the bottom, it would be the clip surface.
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    Not as pointless as this thread ;)

    The 2G shuffle dock upside down, so I think Apple is letting people know. Not to mention it just effect the music you listen.
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    No, I wasn't saying the port defines what is the top. It's just that that's a way to explain which end is the top for this model. The true defining factor is the play controls — they'd be reversed if you flip it upside down. or really, you could just go by the Apple logo and text on the back. :)

    ...and the clip surface is the back of the unit. ;) (whereas the play controls are on the front)
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    Man.Some of the things MacHeads talk about are so...so....

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    Actually, the original poster does raise a point. What is the likelihood of accidentally hitting forward when you meant to press rewind? Yes, left side has wider gap than the right and there's the headphone cord at the top, but compared to the original shuffle, the orientation is no longer as obvious.

    Still, I guess that is the price to pay for ultra small form factor and one would eventually get use to it.
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    Because you are only using it when the headphones are plugged in, and the jack is on the top. You will always know which way is up. I think it is pretty obvious. It does look confusing without the headphones plugged in though.

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