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Photo Organization

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by blackfx35, Jul 12, 2008.

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    I cant seem to figure out how to organize my photos on my ATV. I would like them to be organized like I have them in my iPhoto, but for some reason, they are coming to ATV as one giant folder with 1000's of photos in it. How do I do it so I maintain the org structure in iPhoto? Thanks so much!
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    Anyone have any information regarding this? I can't believe Apple would leave out a simple feature like this. How difficult can it be to show photos as events (straight from iPhoto)....I am hoping I am missing something here and there is a way to do this. Thanks.
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    Are you syncing or streaming your photos?

    (BTW... may or may not help, but I just did a show on the :apple:TV, see link in my sig.)
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    I am syncing the photos...I thought photo's have to be synced (can not be streamed)....
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    Nope, you can stream them... which is what I prefer, that way I don't have to manage anything on the :apple:TV.

    If you turn off syncing (right click the :apple:TV in iTunes and turn off syncing), you will only have one tab for photos, which you need to enable. Then you can pull from iPhoto or Aperture and the organization you see on the :apple:TV should be the same you see in iPhoto.
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    Are you sure you can stream? It seems it would be difficult to stream photos...I think with music, you can stream because you don't need the entire file sent right away (so while you are listening to the start of the song, it is sending you the middle and end). I know, I am not very technical. Anyhow, with a photo, you need the entire file to display/view the photo. My photos are all larger than most of my songs are (5-8MB each), so how would it display a gallery with 400MB of pictures "right away" if it is streaming. Seems it would take time to stream the data...

    Nonetheless, I hope you are right! Will try when I get home tonight.
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    Well, I seem to have no problem with it... and I shoot raw with a Canon 20D and 5D. But, Aperture (and iPhoto) creates previews (pretty sure they are jpgs) from the raw file that are not huge.

    I can view all 20,000+ images as quick as I can scroll through them, over wireless G no less. ;)
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    Nice camera's...I have a 20D myself...

    I will give this a go when I get home tonight...thanks!

    Does my iMac stream to Apple TV if it is in a sleep mode?

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