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Photo Stream Illustration Leads to iPhone 5 Speculation

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Aug 31, 2011.

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    Earlier today, a photo was sent to both MacRumors and 9to5Mac showing an instructional image included in the latest iPhoto 9.2 beta that includes an unusual looking iPhone-like device. The image has naturally led to speculation that it could represent the iPhone 5.

    German site Appdated.de has also posted some actual screenshots showing the image in question.



    Aside from the extremely low likelihood of anyone involved in iPhoto design work having details on the iPhone 5, the image in question certainly appears to merely be an artist's representation of a generic iOS device to accompany the text referring to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Consequently, we have no reason to believe that this image represents anything related to the iPhone 5 and post it here solely for interest and discussion.

    Article Link: Photo Stream Illustration Leads to iPhone 5 Speculation
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    Very interesting, hopefully this is a sign of things to come...
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    That home button seems to be elongated. Yeah it is a tiny image, but it looks more rectangular than circular...
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    can anyone point to another instance where a "generic iOS device" has been pictured anywhere in apple's marketing materials, mac os x graphics, etc.?

    i have NEVER seen apple do this anywhere. i don't buy the explanation, thats the iPhone 5.
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    Woow!! is that my Samsung Galaxy S II??
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    I hope this is true, looks great and would explain why apple tried to get the galaxy s2 banned. It looks identical, now who copied who?
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    Haha hmm i think :apple: designed it =)
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    But the S2 has been on sale here for months ...
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    Why would the home button be oblong/rectangular shaped if it was just a 'generic artist representation of an iOS device'? :confused:
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    I think this is it.
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    The leaked cases had a home button like that tho. Maybe they r just playing us? Using all those rumors to confuse everyone but then again its just a freakin gadget, ppl sure cant be that desperate right? RIGHT???
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    The only reason for the rectangular shaped home button is for a larger screen. In my opinion, the Macrumors iPhone 5 rendition is what the iPhone 5 will most likely appear as. That's good news!
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    Taken as Quit ********** Talking. :cool:
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    Quoted for truth!
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    It sure looks like one. BTW the display is closer to 16x10 than 3x2
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    its very simple - if apple would have wanted to show a graphical representation of an iPhone, iPad, AND iPod Touch, it would have pictured 3 little cartoons of the separate devices. instead it chose to picture 1 device. you do the math.
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    I somehow doubt that Apple's legal team was informed of the iPHone 5 design.
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    Watch that be actually what the iPhone 5 looks like, and Samsung sue Apple for copying the Galaxy S 2 design :D
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    Great image to post. I think this new icon represents an upcoming device.
  20. pewra, Aug 31, 2011
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    Scaled up, the screen of that device is 121 by 190; which fits almost exactly (allowing for error) into a 16x10 ratio. The body doesn't fit particularly well with current devices, it's either longer or wider than any we've seen so far.

    While I'd hate to think of apple changing the screen dimensions, this had to be based on something.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    The pic on the left is a dream come true. However it looks like a htc ^^
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    Even if you could remember the last time Apple used a generic phone image in their software for iTunes or iPhoto, the real question is when was the last time Apple went out of it's way to create an icon based on a device's rumored design?

    This practically seals the deal for my prediction:

    Prediction: Apple will release 2 new iPhones and discontinue both the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4. The 2 new phones will be iPhone 4S, (The low end entry level model which will have a speed boost over the iPhone 4) and the iPhone 5, which will have a completely new design and screen size. As the company transitions to the new screen size, look to the iPad 3 to have an HD screen that is basically "pixel doubling" based on the larger iPhone 5 screen.

    Count it!
  23. Reach9, Aug 31, 2011
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    It does seem weird that the designers went out of the way to make the iOS device look like that. We know it's easy to just put a small rectangle and a circle, and voila you're done! but to make it an elongated home button, and a seeming bigger screen, would point to at least something.

    It's a designer for iPhoto, why wouldn't the person be educated about the upcoming iPhone if he/she is to include it as an icon?
    Also, it is a beta, and therefore not released to the public. So it's a possibility.

    The biggest joke of all would be.. if the iPhone 5 looks similar to the Samsung Galaxy S2 LOL! Who is suing who now?

    If your calculation is right, then I can definitely see it fitting the rumored iPhone 5 case leaks. Hmm..

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    That looks awesome! I hope that the iPhone does get a 16:10 screen after seeing this!
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