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photo to line art

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by derboy, Jan 19, 2007.

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    I've been asked to do this job for a client. I usually do cad design, and the odd bit of graphic design.(dull!)

    I've been asked to re-draw (vectorise) the attached pic, so that its suitable for a 4 colour print. Are there any professionals that do this sort of thing, to give some advice?

    Is it just a case of manually going over any important lines with the pen. That would take ages. I think its too complex to use the live trace.

    also how many hours would you charge for, as a guide.


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    I can help you out

    use photoshop to select 1 of 4 dominant colors. save that selection to a layer and fill it with black. repeat for other 3 colors. label layer color. save each layer as a jpg. use corel trace. 1000 times better than live trace. save as illustrator file. repeat for other 3 colors. combine all files into one file changing colors as you drag them in.

    If this is for screen printing on tees ask what mesh the screen printer uses. anything lower than 230 and it will have to be redrawn as line art anyway.
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    i think he more meant, how much should HE charge, not how much youd charge to do it for him.

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    - well if this is going to be reproduced with 4 colors.. there is no reason to have to vectorize the artwork.. simply make it CMYK- and have the printer/screen printer do it in CMYK.. four colors... whats the prob?
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    charge how ever many hours it takes for you to complete.
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    thanks for the reply askthedust.

    think i will just re-draw the whole lot manually. think i'd have to manually tweak it anyway, to reduce the colours and detail. they want the simple cartoon look.

    Screen printed so 4 colours only. not 4 colour cmyk printer!

    Was asking how many hours other people would think they would take.

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