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Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by aussie_geek, Jun 22, 2006.

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    Someone got a new MacBook today in the office - they didn't know about PhotoBooth..

    I got hold of the Mac and 20 minutes later this is the result!!

    Employees - photoboothed!!

    :D :D :D

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    Nice mate, but I really don't get what the whole great thing is with PhotoBooth :rolleyes:

    When I had my iMac first out of the box, sure, I spent 5 minutes mucking around with PB, but that was it. No urge to use it again... Maybe I am just boring.
  3. Lau

    Heh - nice! :D From your post, I was imagining the whole office Photoboothed in one go!

    jamesmcd, the fact that someone had just got a MacBook for the first time meant that they were enjoying it the same way you did out of the box, yes?
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    yeh!! thanks. productivity was down a good 80% today as well :p .

    I also got parallels and Window$ XP running on it as well - that spun most of them out seeing a Mac with windows side by side.

    There will be switchers this year - I know it!!

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    Do you know what would be cool, if you could control photobooth from another Mac, take pictures and make it pop up on their screen :D

    Wait a minute can't remote desktop do that :D :eek:
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    yep - it could!! does anyone wanna try it??

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    Those are really funny! I'm glad everyone there has a great sense of humor!
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    count chocula

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    Coworkers get together hehehe :D

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