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    Some time ago I posted about our new app Photographer's i Magazine, and I'm pleased to say we've had a positive response from those that actually saw it. Sadly, though, not everyone got as far as the magazine.

    Many felt that having to spend $1.99 to see the whole first issue was steep when they'd not seen anything before, and while we feel the quality writing is probably worth way more, we understand that – unlike a newsagents – you can't really just flick through and decide whether to buy so it seems fair to share some of our content for free so you can see what we're talking about: a photography magazine about quality photography, written by quality photographers, rather than pages of pages of kit "reviews" edited from press-releases.

    So we've uploaded an update with a free sample as well as the full issue, and we'd love to hear what you think of it.

    We've also put the magazine in Newsstand and offered a subscription option.

    Incidentally you can see a review on Adorama's YouTube channel or learn a bit more at the website (about which I'd be very interested to hear feedback). Pixiq have been pretty polite too: "all manner of Awesome" were their exact words.
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    I love to read magazines on my iPad (something about the interactivity I guess)

    When I get home, I will have to check this out. Thanks for the Free issue.
    Though the creepy doll head shot on the 'cover' is somewhat freaky.
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    Agreed, which is why its nice when, as in this case, there actually is interactivity – it's not just a PDF.
    The dolls are really creepy, aren't they? That's kind of the point though – proper photographers get weird assignments, and none more weird than a Japanese sex-doll factory...
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    Very nice.. I will check it out when I get home!

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    Good gesture, but personally I think a free first full issue would be even more competitive.
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    That looks sweet, you just got my $1.99. Looking forward to reading/watching this.
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    Magazines are always playing good rule to understand the community culture and quick changes in society , i like to read this
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    Of course I understand where you're coming from, but this is a very fast-moving area, and we need to know we're getting things right as soon as possible. By getting things right, I mean making something people are willing to pay for.

    We're asking the price of a couple of Mars-bars for hundreds of man-hours worth of work including the insights of internationally renown photographers, custom made interactive features and top-quality editorial. I honestly, in my 'consumer' hat, don't think it's too much to ask.

    It is the readers who will pay the modest cover price who we must plan for, since it is them, and only them, who will make the Photographer's i Magazine a long-term success.

    Perhaps The Oatmeal put our situation best here:
    This is how I feel about buying an app
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    I don't think you understood where I am coming from completely. I happily pay for quality editorial and print publications. However, when competing against the bigger names, I think a free full issue to demonstrate what your product is, and how it is better than the more known competitors (and I think that it is), would serve your goal better.

    That was all. Routinely, I have no problem paying for excellent content.
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    I paid the money. It's worth more than they are asking now just go ahead and buy it and you'll be glad you did.
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    Changes mean we've been able to give away free copy

    Thank to changes Apple made to iTunes, we can now offer a whole free copy if you subscribe to the magazine using iTunes Auto-Renewing subscriptions. You can then cancel, from your iPad, within 30 days and not have to pay a penny.


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