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Photography app

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by alhajis, Oct 5, 2010.

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    Hi Guys...
    I need an ipad photography app to strengthen my photography skills, currently I'm using a canon 40D and i know some basic photography stuff and i usually shoot in raw format and edit in lightroom & CS4. I've been hired a couple time and i did well but now i wanna take it to the next level, so i'm looking for a good app to take me their. please recommend something for me. i have external flash (speedlite), a lighting kit and a whole lot of canvas backgrounds.
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    There are a lot of good learning apps in the app store" Photo Recipies by Scott Kelby is an example. Also checkout titles by Rick Sammon (sp?), he is an excellent teacher and skilled photographer.

    However if you really want to learn I would hang out in some of the photography forums. As a Canon shooter you might want to check out http://www.photography-on-the.net/forum
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    Thanks... For your reply. I'll check them out, I just bought @ the app store PhotoCady and it's too basic! It's like they just want you to shoot in AV/TV mode all the time and never saw a single manual mode???? My $5 has gone with the wind.......! This is the reason why all apps should have demo or lite.
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    True, there are a lot of not so useful applications. It is all subjective and dependent on your skill level at the end of the day. Further, while I respect Rick Sammon, Scott Kelby and the like I get much more out of forums like Photography on the Net which I can access from my iPhone or iPad.

    The formulas of apps like Kelby's Photo Recipes are nice my 30 years in photography have taught me that formulas are not as useful when working in new environments.

    Good luck.
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    gotta check out this forum.. the ones I usually visit and post at doesn't generate much feedback. or maybe my images really aren't worth it. but it would be nice if someone actually told me what I'm doing wrong.


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