Photos from the Apple Store Ginza Grand Opening.

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Nov 30, 2003.

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    nice pictures
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    What did the sign say from MS? I could only make out abit about it.
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    I never expected that kind of turn-out. WoW. I'm so proud of Apple right now :). And it was raining! thats love.
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    daaaamn. And i thought 2500 people turning out for the first apple store in WA was a lot of people ;)
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    I just want a store in Fargo that people could wait for...:(
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    That is what I call real loyalty of Mac fans to stand in the rain. The store looks impressive, much more fancy at least than the ones we have here in Boston. All 3 are just one floor only and inside a mall.
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    Atleast you got one we won't have one until next yr and it's like 3 hrs away from me...grrr
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    Ok Apple, now do Europe! Brussels, London, Paris, Amsterdam, .. :)
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    Every week I watch the new San Francisco store being built. So excited to finally have an Apple store in SF!
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    Wow thats Amazing...

    What a line... what a line...

    :eek: :eek:
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    Thanks to irmongoose for great photos! :)

    They make me a little sad but happy for you. Ginza has so much. It must really have been cold, especially with that rain.
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    In Japan, when new stores or buildings open, they always display the flowers they got from different people outside the store. This one is from a Michael Roding, Microsoft Corporation, and the red kanji on the top says 'Congratulations'.

    1macker1: Thanks!

    bousozoku: The Apple Store definitely fits in with the 'Rich', 'I've come here to shop expensive stuff' atmosphere. It's on the main Ginza road, an excellent spot (can't imagine what the rent would be!). They had quite a few people from Apple Cupertino inspecting the place and helping out. It's amazing that Apple can create the 'Apple atmosphere' almost anywhere they want, and so well. I can see this store doing very very well. As for the rain, well, it wasn't so bad, and I had three layers of clothes so I didn't feel very cold. :p :D

    I got a free t-shirt, too! It came in a nice box, its bottom saying 'Say Hello to Ginza'. Very nice. I'll upload some pictures of it.


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