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photos in iphoto not full screen

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by roslee7, Sep 5, 2009.

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    recently i had downloaded photos from my canon ixus 100 camera into iphoto and when i wanna see full screen, the pictures didnt show full screen.....u can see black border on left and right side.. http://skitch.com/roslee7/b6dna/picture-2. I am using leopard with my macbook air.
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    The original pic's resolution might be the reason for that (804x502px @ 100%):confused:
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    nope. its original size. i even use the old photos and its the same. is it because of ilife 9??
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    The aspect ratio of your photos are squarer that your Mac's widescreen display.
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    i didnt do anything with the pictures. just download from my new canon ixus 100 camera. If my camera setting problem, i also tried with old photos and still the same. I am looking for iphoto 8. coz currently using ilife9.
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    You've already been given the answer. Most cameras don't take photos that are the same aspect ratio as your screen.

    The borders are there because otherwise the photo would have the top and bottom cut off, or the picture would appear distorted.
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    Same problem, truncated pictures

    I am using iPhoto 9 on a brand new 24 inch screen iMac and also cannot get my slide shows to show up full screen. All the other Macs in the house with 20 and 17 inch screens show the same and all pictures full screen.

    Here is a screenshot of the problem, full screen works well with Shatter theme, but not the others, take a look,
    If there is a way to get around it and show them full screen without putting up with Shatter, please let me know. Shatter is cool, but just takes longer if you are looking thru a lot of pictures.
    Thank you,
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    This is kind of a pain, but if you want your photos to show full screen whilst you are playing the slide show in all "Events" than you must do this, which Ive shown in the screen shot.
    Classic is what you WANT.
    Its a royal pain, but once you do most of them, and make that the default setting, then it should stick. Not for all of them, you will have to do more than one, perhaps more than once to make it the default.
    But go for it, its certainly worth it.

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