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Photoshop: Automating Rounded Corners

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by HiRez, Jan 21, 2007.

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    Hi guys, I need to create a batchable action that will take a pile of images and round the corners off. The problem is that the images will be all different sizes and since the rounded rectangle tool seems to operate using top, left, bottom, and right coordinates (once you put it into an action), I can't figure out a way to specify something that will work for an image of arbitrary dimensions (the rounded radius would remain constant, however). Basically, I want to select the entire image and make a rounded rectangle out of that. Is there some way to have it make a shape based on the current selection? The technique of selecting a rectangle and using Selection > Modify > Smooth does not work here because ironically, it creates jaggy rounded edges, not smooth ones as I require. I also want the rounded edges (the cutaway part) to be transparent when saved. Any ideas?
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    How many images do you have?

    If it was me and if there were less than 50-60, and this is my first pre-coffee thought, I'd be tempted to do them in InDesign or Quark if you have either of those apps. Sounds strange but hear me out.

    Set up a master page large enough to contain the largest picture with your standard box with rounded corners centred within symmetrical margins, import an image at a time on a page of its own, go back and fit box to picture on each one, export as lossless PDF (i.e. no image compression)... then do a anti-aliased multi-page PDF to PSD batch on them from within Photoshop (there already under File>Automate). That way they'll automatically be transparent and ready to use for other purposes.

    I'm sure there's an easier, much less clumsier way but this was my first knee-jerk response. :D
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    In the action, try setting your units in the PS preferences to percentages.

    [ updating, because I hadn't had my coffee yet either: it should be enough to set the units to percent before you record the action, so you don't have to worry about switching it back any time you run the action. ]

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    That worked great, you guys are awesome. I knew you'd come through for me!

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