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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by doyle369, Oct 30, 2010.

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    Hi guys

    I would really appreciate it if someone could photoshop the colour of this girls hair



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    Do you have any sharper and higher resolution photo of that woman?
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    No sorry mate
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    You're welcome.

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    But she does have a lovely philtrum.
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    I really struggle to get design work - I wonder why? :p
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    You could've at least changed the blending mode to "color" :p
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    Looks good ... you get what you pay for
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    How can one save a high resolution image in Photoshop? I could only get it saved as JPG with not much quality, but I saved it several times to enhance the quality. It got better.

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    Not much better, but here you are, for a quick job:

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    chicks love their lipstick to match their hairdo ...

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    Good thinking. I always save and resave my photos as many times possible before giving them to clients. It helps
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    And don't forget about the often ignored method to half the image's resolution, save it as GIF, opening the GIF and enlarging the resolution by the factor 20, then saving it as GIF again and opening that GIF and reducing the image's resolution to its original one. And storing it as GIF of course and using TinyPic as method of transferring the image to potential clients.

    clickable to enjoy the bigger blocks in all its entirety, or not
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    Not really what I was after guys

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    You won't get that much more, especially with the crappy quality (not the scene) of the photo (not focused, slow exposure, thus blurry and overexposed
    and blown out in some parts). If that is your friend and you want to show her how she would look with that hair colour, maybe you need a better photo or someone, who is willing to spend time and properly masking it to make it that colour, as it is not a five minute job.

    Be glad it does not go like this: Someone Make me a Logo!

    Btw, why did you omit the letter "e" in the word "after"?
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    Pretty lousy photo to start with, lol. Be thankful for what you got.
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    spelling mistake mate

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