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PHOTOSHOP CS5 - dragging images over HELP

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by ichorous, Aug 24, 2010.

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    I need some help or an answer why this is happening:

    If I have two images open. Both 300dpi, CMYK, 8x11".
    When I drag one image over to the other it automatically resizes down to about 50 - 25% of the actual size. I do not know why it does this. :confused:

    I have been using PS for 10 years now and only see this happen if the DPI is higher in the image receiving the copy. But it actually is the same so no downsizing should occur.

    Any help is appreciated!
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    Do the pixel dimensions of the images match? If not, then they are not actually the same size.
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    Bingo. You can also try converting the image that you drag into a smart object first. Then you can transform it and see if it's at 100%
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    You definitely are correct with that daver11. I never had a problem with this workflow until now but it was the pixel dimensions. The 8.5x11 i was dragging to was 6668 x 8573 pixels. A new file created at 300 dpi is: 2625 x 3375 pixels.

    Im not sure what I did that made the pixel dimension increase so much but that definitely explains the problem I was experiencing. I thought it was the first time I saw this because have never used CS5 before.

    Any idea why my pixel dimensions would increase so much compared to the new file?

    Thank you for the help!
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    It is possible that one file is 300 pixels per inch, and the other 300 pixels per centimeter. It looks the same at a quick glance, but there is a BIG difference! It happened to me once when a customer-provided file was already set to centimeters.

    In the "image size" window there is a drop down menu next to the resolution. You can select "pixlels/inch" or "pixlels/cm".

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