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Photoshop: May 19-23

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Mudbug, May 18, 2004.

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    time for another - this was submitted by Flowbee
    again - if you have others to submit (from anyone) I'll be happy to accept - the collection to choose from is growing.

    And for giggles - here's a link to the rules

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    I'll play along this time...

    I've also attached some blanks to give folks a leg up...

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    VERY stupid question but...

    How do you...cut around the image in photoshop? What tool is it? Magic wand? Any good website I can check out?

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    Careful use of the eraser tool. Maybe the magnetic lasso would work for this image as well.

    This would almost be just as good as a caption contest...
    "See? I can store information in longer named and easier to understand categories. Like 'Companies I Want to Take Over', 'Lawsuits to Shirk My Way Out Of', 'Security Flaws to Ignore', and 'Ways to Exploit the Consumer' "
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    Eraser? no no no

    Masking is the proper way to cut around an image. It is completley non destructive and is much more fine tuneable.
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    Hahahahaha, that one's great.
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    The power of the Newt

    Just how ahead of its time was the Newton?

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    Come on....a little more originality guys.

    Such an awsome photo there is too much potential. A little creativity never hurt anyone. However I do believe I have recreated the original photo. It was changed to have him holding an mp3 player when the photo was released. ;)


    I want to see someone beat this one...I know I was a little sloppy but I did this in 35 minutes.
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    GOOOOOOOOOOOO ace_151!!!!!!!!!! :)
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    Woah there heifer.

    Woah there heifer.

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    In Photoshop CS (don't know about earlier versions) there is also an Extract tool under the Filter menu. Works pretty well once you learn how to tame it. ;)
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    The extract tool is in previous versions as well.

    For those looking for help check out the Call for help photoshop tips at Techtv.com.
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    there's also a few pointer links in the rules thread
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    ...and it´s soooo easy to use!


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    He's telling the truth, really.

    it wouldn't be long before someone did this, so here it is:

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    Hey Mama

    I couldnt help myself. Enjoy

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    Hehe. Classic. How about a funky red background?
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    There You Go


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    Me thinks it's not too offensive.. im sorry if it is :)

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    Mike Teezie

    I laughed my a*& off at that one!!

    Nice job!
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    if we could only be so lucky.


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    thats evil
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