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Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by SlickShoes, Jul 28, 2011.

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    Is it at all possible to buy the actual DVD for Lion?

    I run about 100 dual boot macs at my work and roll out over the network via an OSX Server. Can I buy 100 Lion licences for next years upgrade or do I have to go to the app store on each iMac and buy Lion?

    I really hope the physical DVD is available as upgrading 100 will be a nightmare.
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    I don't think Apple will start selling DVD's now.

    But you can sure burn it yourself?
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    If you need 100 licenses, Apple has a special method of obtaining Lion for your 100 Macs. Not sure how it works, but I'm sure theres something on their website. I know that you don't use the App Store on all of them.
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    I can burn it myself but I will still need to purchase 100 for it to be legal.

    I have had a look on the Apple store but can't find anything in the Education store at all, for snow leopard there is the dsic version and the family pack(which cannot be used in business or education) but nothing at all for lion, just a link to the app store.

    Googling just brought me back results about people wanting to buy actual lions haha.
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    OS X Lion for Business and Education

    Found this from google.
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    Nice one thanks, I assuming a phone call to apple in the UK will do the trick too!

    EDIT: I found some info for the UK, Education is 25 seat license minimum and I should be able to get it by phoning apple.

    Thanks again.
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    No problem.

    I assume calling them from the UK would be fine.

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