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    Recently very popular hand-painted style physics game start another storm, combined with the fingers of physics, the characteristics of casual puzzle. By clever placement of the ball, the player with the game props to collect all the stars, you can smooth clearance. The star of this crayon physics realistic effects and hand-painted style fresh and clean, and allow players to let them go. With the complexity of the game increase, the more difficult, players need to use the possibilities of physics to complete the task to design new barriers, brilliant screen, a chain reaction, to see The crayons Star is how to make your fingers move a not stop it! Ghohst casual games will get better, hope you will support!

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    Looks good.
    I'll await some reviews before diving in but very promising.

    I'm a huge fan of Crayon Physics and it is sad how the developer completely abandoned the project.
    These types of games are perfect for the iPad.
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    Thank you.

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