Pic of new MacBook design.... [unofficial]

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by mogzieee, Apr 7, 2008.

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    I posted the pic on this MacRumors news article, but this thread is all about the piccy.... what do you think of it?


    You'll see that its pretty much the same shape, but look closer. I've darken the casing to make it look like Aluminum... I've redone the Keyboard to match the MBA, and the track pad has been enlarged....

    So anyway.... talk!
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    Retro...reminiscent of the old titanium powerbooks, with the black keyboards...though i suppose the Air already brought that back
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    Santa Rosa

    That enlarged trackpad idea was taken from the earlier rumors about the Air is it not. The air has the enlarged trackpad now so I think that is what it will stay at. I doubt that the Macbook line will ever have a trackpad like what you are depicting in your mockup.
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    Not to knock your effort, but I hope the design will be less an homage to the boxy titanium PB and more in line with the MBA.
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    Personally I thought that too, however, a tonne of people are saying thinks like "awwh in the next decade everything will be touchscreen" and "ooer i bet computers will have more to do with touching these coming days"... etc. I understand i may be on the unlikely side, but maybe Apple will lead the innovation into the semi-touchscreen world
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    Be interesting to see how close you are to the actual re-design. I would think that maybe a more curved look could be used to fit with the MBA, unless Apple choose to keep solid product differentiation.
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    Looks like ass with that new black keyboard.
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    I'd still touch it.
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    I wouldn't mind a MB like that (in aluminum) at all, however, that trackpad is TOO BIG. That would just look horrifically ugly in real life, IMHO.
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    its just a copy and paste of the macbook air's, merged into place.

    Nothing wrong with it....
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    Well that's sweet...
    I think the rendering came out a little weird...the white/grey on the keyboard is a different tone from the rest of the body. Try matching the colors a bit, and it might look more seamless.

    Regardless, I'm not a huge fan of the black keys on the air, but I know lots of people who love em.
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    I'm really not a fan of the Air's key layout. I think the keys are too small and don't have much "pop" to them that both the macbook and the macbook pro have, respectively. I personally hope they don't mess with the keyboards much.
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    There's been some other mock ups made:



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    I like the WinMacLin one. But everyone will cry foul if the new MBP is glossy only. I guarantee you that.
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    ... thinner and tapered is probably more likely. I think the boxy look of the MBP/PB/MB will be gone.
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    add LED to the macbook and im sold!
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    While I do like the OP's design, I believe the addition of backlit keys is a bit farfetched. Backlit keys are a feature Apple uses to draw customers over to the Prosumer->Pro side of the spectrum, as SuperDrives and other features have been over the years.

    I do like the second MBP down on that later post. I would drool if that was the new design. Brilliant.
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    Oh I didn't mean the rendering looked like ass. I meant the keyboard. Sorry but that was not really directed towards the artist.
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    It looks like a MBA that needs to go on a "diet." :p
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    No worries! I'm in agreement with you on that :)
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    I like the second and third pix! Think black will be pro only, or macbook too, bc i want the black-when i have money, but i cant get the pro, way too much $ what do you think?
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    It will happen. Apple is trying to go more "green" (or as much as one can being a technology company).
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    Backlit keys have never been an available feature on Apple's lower end products. It would certainly be a drastic change. I think the Macbook and Apple Keyboard will share the white keys while MacBook Pro and MacBook Air will share the black backlit keyboard.

    2GB RAM and SuperDrive standard need to happen on the next revision.

    Multi-touch is likely happen, but may occur a little later. IMO, an LED-backlit display would be preferable over a backlit keyboard or multi-touch.
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    The Al MacBook will probably look like the MBA, but with a thicker bottom... :eek:
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    the track pad looks stupid i dont like that

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