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Picked up the Incase sleeve for the 11.6 air WTF?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by richard371, Jan 20, 2011.

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    Went to the Apple store to get the neoprene sleeve for the 11.6 air and its going back tomorrow. It is somewhat difficult to slide the top part over the macbook. I really wish they had gone with a zipper. I showed some of my coworkers and they said it is a horrible design. good thing macworld is next week. Maybe I will pick up something better there. Cannot recommend this case at all.
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    Good information to know. I had considered that case but wasn't sure about how smart the design was. Also, I was worried about particles from my bag (dust, crumbs etc) possibly getting in the case and scratching my MBA. I too prefer zippered cases. I would love it if Incase would come out with one! Here's to hoping! I hope you find a good replacement case too.
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    I also worry about particles etc getting in there. Ill report back what i find at macworld next week. Usually a lot of vendors sell cases on site. I hate mail ordereing cases. I like to try them on first. Hopefully sfbags and moshi will be there.
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    Great! It will be good to hear about all of the new cases. I needed something so I went with the Be.ez Robe Allure, but I also prefer buying them in-store rather than online. But it just doesn't seem to be possible with many of the cases right now.
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    I agree. I peeped out the the case at the Apple store and I just didn’t get what all the praise was about. It’s difficult to fit the Air into the case and pull it out, and it’s not very attractive. And it’s definitely not worth forty bucks.

    However, I do need to get a case. Has anyway else noticed how cold the MBA gets when you’re walking outdoors, even though its stuck in a bag?

    And yeah, I so wish I could attend Macworld this year to check out cases, but unfortunately I‘ll be out of town.
  6. duk
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    I agree. Was excited about this one. Bought it to accompany my awesome Tucano messenger bag. After receiving it and realizing there is a 3/8" gap exposing the laptop, I decided the Tucano is all I need. The incase went back.
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    To be honest, I purchased the incase 13 sleeve that recently came out and I actually really like it. I had purchased and returned other sleeves and I feel this one has the best protection. Granted, it is a little snug, but I think that is how it is supposed to fit. This is just my 0.02 cents on it.
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    What do you think of the Be.ez Robe Allure? I was looking at this on amazon, but Im skeptical about buying without seeing. I took a leap with the rooCASE sleeve on amazon, and the fit was terrible, so i returned it. i want something that provides more protection than a neoprene sleeve like the incase one, but something tougher without adding a lot of bulk/thickness like the one from booq.
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    It's okay. I like it and all, but it's so stiff. The material doesn't bend much, which I suppose is good. I guess I'm just used to the neoprene case I had for my MacBook. The Allure definitely fits well, and has an inner lip to protect the Air from the zipper, which zips nicely without sticking. The material of the case dents very easily though. My case rested against the cord of my AC adapter in my bag got a huge dent in it. But the dent has completely gone away, but it's just something I wanted to note in case people are worried if it happens. And it's better that the case gets dented than the Air;) The case isn't bulky. In fact, I have trouble telling that my Air is inside the case, that's how slim the case is. Yet the material is nice and dense.

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